In The Trenches with Maria Goyanes

by Jason Tseng

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I’ve been working at TCG for the better part of two years now, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to meet Artistic and Managing leaders from theatres across the country. It’s natural for the leaders of a theatre to be the default spokesperson for their company. But, as a scrappy recent grad climbing the theatre administration ladder, I really wanted to hear the stories and experiences of my peers in the theatre field: the young enthusiastic theatre grad who barely has her foot in the door working the box office, or the seasoned marketing associate who worked his way up from a receptionist and directs in his spare time. In my opinion, the best barometer for a community’s health is the well-being and happiness not of those at the top, but the people out on the frontline. It’s the people who love theatre so much they’re willing to take the pay cut and the bare bones employee benefits, just so that they can be an integral part in creating something deeply important to them. And so, I decided to try and capture some of these stories from frontline employees in TCG’s member theatres.

This quest led me to Maria Goyanes, the director of special projects at the Public Theater in New York City. Maria is an “emerging” theatre leader, starting out at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI, and eventually moving to the big apple where she worked her way up in the New York theatre scene from freelancing theatre jobs to a full-time position at one of New York City’s largest not-for-profit theatres.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and stay tuned for more stories from InThe Trenches: Stories from the Theatre’s Frontlines.


Jason Tseng works as a grant writer & administrator (the ampersand is key) at Theatre Communications Group. In his spare time he blogs for a variety of online publications including The Bilerico Project (the nation’s largest LGBT group blog), Below the Belt (a gender/identity form), and Scarlet Betch (a queer comic book blog & podcast). He lives in New York City with his kitten, Sedgewick — Eve, not Edie.

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