Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That: Ovation’s Favorite #BWayPlot Entries

by Ovation TV

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In celebration of Music of the Night, Ovation’s tribute to all things Broadway, we called upon our Twitter followers to join us for the first ever #Bwayplot Twitter contest! Although the request seemed easy — summarize the plot of any Broadway production in 140 characters or less – we realized how daunting the task at hand really was. Too much to say, too little space! Never fear! Our talented Twitter followers know Broadway like the back of their hand. The responses we received ranged from silly to serious and sometimes profound. Our lucky top three tweeting winners received prizes; the top winner won 2 tickets to a Broadway production near them. We received so many great submissions; we wanted to mention the following tweets in the Funniest and Most Accurate categories. Ready to take a peek?

@dharmapapi — #bwayplot Christine hears voice; Angel of Music? No, just ugly Erik. He snatches her; relents after kissyskissy. They cry. He dies.

@jenatesse — #bwayplot The Sound of Music: There are nuns. And nazis. And some mountains.

@HESherman — #bwayplot TITANIC: The unsinkable happens.

Most Accurate:
@celticgirl62 — Phantom wants girl. Girl wants another. Girl gets her guy. Phantom gets angry. People die. Opera house burns. End #bwayplot

@tim_milk — (sweet girl+bad boy) + beach=luv. skanks & fake gang cause peer pressure. reunited? ripped at seams. sexy makeover. together. end #bwayplot

@tessahuffman Hair: A story of peace, love, freedom, and the conflict that sparks when a young hippie named Claude is drafted into Vietnam #bwayplot

And finally, drum roll please…

3rd Place: @ReeseSondheim — @OvationTV #bwayplot Wrongly accused ex-convict seeks both revenge and his long-lost family. Step off, you love-starved pie mistress.

2nd Place: @RobIntileJr — Tony knows something’s coming. Riff plays it cool. Maria feels pretty. Anita lies. Tony dies #BWAYPLOT

1st Place: @RaeVoice1 — #bwayplot Poor Argentinian girl uses her wit, guile, and sex appeal to ascend through the class systems eventually becoming the First Lady.

We wanted to send big thank you to all who participated! And if you happened to miss entering this time around, make sure to stay tuned to @OvationTV on Twitter because this isn’t the last you hear of Ovation’s #bwayplot, my pretty! And your little dog too!

-Guest blogged by Danyel M. – Ovation staff

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