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July 2010

Post image for Meet the Members:  TCG Welcomes our Latest Member Theatres

Apparently the reports of the demise of the theatre have been greatly exaggerated. TCG now has 491 member theatres and counting! 11 theatres have joined since our conference last month! We would like to take a moment to thank all of our members and send out a special welcome to the newbies. TCG welcomes our [...]


Post image for Watch & Listen:  Cuban Theater Troupe ( Teatro Buendia ) Makes U.S. Debut

(Length: 5min 19sec) Although there are efforts in Congress to ease the nearly half-century travel ban to and from Cuba, only occasionally does the U.S. open its doors to Cuban performers. Teatro Buendia, Cuba’s premier theater company, is among the few — and is now performing at the Goodman Theatre’s Latino Theatre Festival in Chicago. [...]


In the Trenches: Playwright Catherine Filloux

by Tara Bracco July 12, 2010 In the Trenches
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Last April, I was on a panel titled Theatre for Social Transformation presented by Amnesty International’s Human Rights Art Festival.  One of my fellow panelists was the award-winning playwright Catherine Filloux, whose plays include Eyes of the Heart, Lemkin’s House, The Beauty Inside, and Silence of God. Over the last 20 years, Filloux has written [...]

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Coming Full Cycle (All Over Again)

by Eliza Bent July 8, 2010 Events
Thumbnail image for Coming Full Cycle (All Over Again)

It is a rare and nice occasion when we learn that something we’ve published in American Theatre magazine is having positive effects on what theatres are doing. It’s also not often that we have a chance to do a followup to an article, but the Arden Theatre Company of Philadelphia’s recent Bike to the Theatre [...]

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In the Trenches: Devon Smith

by August Schulenburg July 6, 2010 In the Trenches
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If you identify as both a theatre and social media person, chances are you’ve heard of Devon Smith. Though she’s only just graduated, Devon’s already made a name for herself through deeply researched yet breezily accessible studies on social media use by theatres; including reports on hashtags, Foursquare, and of course, her brilliant presentation at [...]

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