Coming Full Cycle (All Over Again)

by Eliza Bent

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It is a rare and nice occasion when we learn that something we’ve published in American Theatre magazine is having positive effects on what theatres are doing. It’s also not often that we have a chance to do a followup to an article, but the Arden Theatre Company of Philadelphia’s recent Bike to the Theatre night provided the perfect opportunity to revisit bicycles and theatre-making. We got in touch with marketing and PR manager Leigh Goldenberg the day before the event. —Eliza Bent

Thurs July 1
Coming Full Cycle (American Theatre, May/June 2010) was partly what inspired us at the Arden to do our own version of a Bike to Theatre Night! We mentioned parts of the article in our press release and found it generally helpful when putting the event together. We’re very excited that we’ve gotten a lot of buzz and press in the community surrounding the event. I’ll report back to you on how ticket sales go after the July 4th holiday. —Leigh

Tuesday July 5
As promised, I wanted to share info with you about our Bike to Theatre Night that happened on Friday, July 2, for Sunday in the Park with George. In total, we had 13 cyclists park at our valet bike parking. That evening’s performance was sold out very early in the day, so we can’t be sure if we might have had more day-of sales, had tickets been available. We had attempted to schedule the bike promotion on a night that would have had more availability (which we figured would be the case over the holiday weekend), but it was the closing weekend of a very popular show.

We partnered with Neighborhood Bike Works for the valet bike parking. They charge an hourly rate for the service. We paid half in cash/half in ticket trade for our holiday children’s show, which they will bring students. They also set up a table in front of the theatre to share information about their programs. At their valet bike parking station, they had craft items on display that were bike themed. We also reached out to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, who included our event in an e-mail blast and on their blog. Numerous other bike clubs and stores posted information on their blogs and handed out flyers we’d made.

One of the most exciting results of Bike to Theatre Night was the amount of press we received. We were featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Weekend Section, the Philly DailyCandy Weekend Guide, and Philadelphia Weekly’s blog, and now on the TCG Circle! There was also a good bit of chatter on Twitter about our event, including a post from one of the local hotels.

Since Bike to Theatre Night happened on First Friday (gallery openings in our neighborhood), we had a lot of foot traffic. We partner with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer for our First Fridays, and they donated Pabst bike bells to give to all the bikers.

The diversity of the ticket buyers that took advantage of biking to the theatre was probably the most surprising aspect of the evening. I think we had expected Philly’s typical biking crowd (young hipsters), but we saw a great range in age and ethnicity.

Overall, I think this is something we’d like to do again, and as we build momentum, we’d like to bring in more participants. We were happy to reach out to this new audience and let them know about the Arden’s work.

I’ve posted photos from our Bike to Theatre Night on our blog page HERE.

Thanks again for the inspiration and support!

Leigh Goldenberg

- Posted by Eliza

Eliza Bent is an associate editor at American Theatre Magazine. When she’s not writing about theatre, she likes making theatre.

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  • Seema Sueko

    - Seema Sueko, Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company

  • Liz Maestri

    Great interview, and cheers to two very brilliant women.

  • Tascheena

    I totally agree! Human Rights is definitely a cause of my generation. I recently graduated with a BA in Theatre and I have been working on defining what type of work I will do and create. The funny thing is that I have said exactly what Ms. Filloux outlined here. It is really inspiring that someone who is actively part of the field sees what I sees. And is doing the work to make a difference. Thank you!

  • Bob Braswell

    I think people have always been interested in exploring the issue of human rights. It's just not very often that these plays have an opportunity to be produced. I hope the success that Filloux had with her play at 59E59 will inspire other off-broadway and broadway producers to fund such intriguing works.

    Bob Braswell
    Co-Executive Director
    People's Theatre Project