Watch & Listen: Cuban Theater Troupe ( Teatro Buendia ) Makes U.S. Debut

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Although there are efforts in Congress to ease the nearly half-century travel ban to and from Cuba, only occasionally does the U.S. open its doors to Cuban performers. Teatro Buendia, Cuba’s premier theater company, is among the few — and is now performing at the Goodman Theatre’s Latino Theatre Festival in Chicago.

The company is performing La Visita de la Vieja Dama — the visit of the old lady. The informal theme of the Goodman Theatre’s Latino Festival this year is revolution, and in one scene, the play’s main character, Clara — resplendent in a long black gown and a brilliant red headdress — sings along with a recording of the late Cuban star Celia Cruz — both exiles, both nostalgic for Cuba, for its palm trees, for its songs blowing in the breeze.

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  • Liz Maestri

    Great interview, and cheers to two very brilliant women.

  • Tascheena

    I totally agree! Human Rights is definitely a cause of my generation. I recently graduated with a BA in Theatre and I have been working on defining what type of work I will do and create. The funny thing is that I have said exactly what Ms. Filloux outlined here. It is really inspiring that someone who is actively part of the field sees what I sees. And is doing the work to make a difference. Thank you!

  • Bob Braswell

    I think people have always been interested in exploring the issue of human rights. It's just not very often that these plays have an opportunity to be produced. I hope the success that Filloux had with her play at 59E59 will inspire other off-broadway and broadway producers to fund such intriguing works.

    Bob Braswell
    Co-Executive Director
    People's Theatre Project