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This begins what I hope will be a regular series highlighting what’s happening in the various aspects of producing theatre. Up first: Marketing!

Marketing on the move: Reaching out to potential audience members through their mobile devices has been gaining traction, primarily through location based social media like Foursquare.

Now theatres are taking it one step further, and developing apps for the iPhone and iPad that allow theatres to engage with users on the go. Steppenwolf’s shiny new app will allows users to purchase tickets, view media, invite Facebook friends to performances, and (a must for this directionally challenged blogger) plan how to get there.

If that sounds like an appetizing idea (sorry), read Hannah Suarez’s excellent post on the creation of Brisbane Festival’s app, with thoughts on how to do things like create app-specific YouTube videos.

Or kick it old school…with snail mail that features a personalized URL, or pURL. This personalized touch encourages recipients to go to a specialized landing page on your website. According to ExactTarget’s 2009 Channel Preference Guide, direct mail influences 76% of Internet users to buy a product or service online. Direct Creative Blog has a great post on tips to turn your direct mail efforts from tree-killing relic to the beginning of a beautiful (and multi-channel) friendship.

Speaking of landing pages, David Charest asks if your website needs a welcome mat to handle all the different ways the Internet octopus brings viewers to your door. His thoughts were inspired by a post from Rebecca Coleman, who offers some insight on how best to connect your different online efforts.

Hopefully, these posts above will help you move past The Death of Group Sales, as memorialized by Jim McCarthy on Live 2.0. Those who aren’t ready to give up the Group Sales Ghost might take heart in the rising success of Groupon, the online deal-a-day website that has sold over 7 million coupons since 2008. Groupon’s G-Team initiative rallied support for Chicago-based theatre New Colony; and now Wildfire is coming out with a Facebook app that lets brands build Groupon-like deals to their Facebook pages. Perhaps there’s life in the old girl yet?

That’s the marketing haps for Monday, August 9th. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.


By day, Gus is the mild-mannered Circulation and Customer Service Manager at TCG. By night, he transforms into August Schulenburg: playwright, actor, director, and Artistic Director of Flux Theatre Ensemble. His produced plays include Riding the Bull, Carrin Beginning, Other Bodies, Rue, The Lesser Seductions of History, and Jacob’s House.

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  • Hannah Suarez / BCI

    Thanks for the shout out August. I'll be writing a bit more about social mobile and how it can engage audiences in arts/cultural events (major ones at least) later in the coming weeks :)

    Stay in touch with Brisbane Festival –


  • Hotels Sydney

    How about Facebook Places? I read somewhere that it is out in the US. It’s like Foursquare plus Facebook users can tag their friends and many other features.