Questions for Kevin E. Moore

by August Schulenburg

in Interviews

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We are thrilled to have our new Managing Director Kevin E. Moore in the office! To honor his arrival, we asked him a series of questions, each linked thematically to a different TCG department or program. Being the MD of TCG is quite a juggling act, but Kevin easily kept this first round of questions in the air.

TCG Books: You’re returning to the land of winter. What theatre book is best to curl up with by the fire?
I loved FREE FOR ALL: The Story of Joe Papp and the Public!

Artistic Programs: What was the last play you saw that rocked your socks?
It would have to be Arizona Theatre Company’s production of The Glass Menagerie directed by Juliet Carillo. She brought something so very unique and non-traditional to this classic. It blew me away!

Advocacy: If the Obama administration asked you to stage a scene at the White House, what would it be?
The trial scene from To Kill A Mockingbird has always moved me. Atticus Finch doing the right thing in the face of averse social pressures.

Management Programs:  What organizational tool can you not live without?
My iPhone.

ARTSEARCH: What’s the oddest job you’ve ever worked?
In high school, I worked as an actor playing the conductor on the railroad that went around Stone Mountain, outside of Atlanta. The train stopped at one point on its trip while a Civil War battle was re-enacted. The South always won this particular battle, of course.

American Theatre magazine: What would the headline be if the magazine did a story about your career thus far?
The Luckiest Man in the World!

National Conference: If you could reincarnate a famous dead person to be the keynote speaker at the TCG National Conference, which famous dead person would you reincarnate?
Lynn Fontanne.

International Programs: An airline gives you a free ticket to anywhere outside of the US. Where do you go?

Web Department: Social media – radical transformation of the social contract, or place to raise virtual farm animals?
Seeing as how I blocked all of the Farmville requests on Facebook, I guess I’ll have to go with radical transformation, etc., etc.

Development: What is one thing you should never say to a potential donor?
No thank you.

Membership: The TCG Board has decided that Membership needs an animal mascot with a playful name. Your suggestion is…
Servy? Because we’re here to serve! That’s awful, but you get the message.

What questions do you have for Kevin?