Dad’s Garage TV Is Live

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By Kevin Gillese

Things are very exciting around Dad’s Garage these days.

Our horror musical Scarlett’s Web is doing so well that we’ve extended it for two weeks.

We’ve launched 3 videos in the last month on our new YouTube channel as a part of Dad’s Garage TV. If you’re not faint of heart, you might wanna check them out here!

And this weekend we’re hosting Saturday Night Live alumni Tim Meadows at our theatre where we will work with him to create and perform some fun nights of live comedy.

The whole idea with Dad’s Garage TV is that all ships will rise, which is to say we’ll see an increase in ticket sales, class registration, corporate booking, etc. And while it’s certainly too early to say how effective our efforts will be, it is heartening to see things generally buzzing with a positive momentum.

The celebrity guest angle is connected because one of the goals of the theatre right now is to generate more awareness about our work on a national level, and we’re hoping that amazing guest artists like Tim will help us accomplish that.

And most unexpectedly: our channel has only been live for a month and we’ve already received two cold call requests for corporate video work. And although this wasn’t an intended outcome, it’s becoming clear that it could be a great new revenue stream for the organization as well as the artists.

But really, things are just whirling around right now, and the real test of the effectiveness of this project will be when the initial excitement dies down and it has to stand on its own two digital feet.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are!