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June 2011

Navigating licensing agreements and copyright laws can be a thorny and expensive endeavor. What is the line between adaptation and overstepping artistic and legal boundaries? The following open letter from Boxcar Theatre’s artistic director is an unusually frank perspective on his company’s struggle with such issues. What do you think about his comments? An Open [...]


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We were just in Los Angeles for our sold out, highest attended Conference ever! It was a tremendous success, thanks especially to the participants, the presenters, our funders and our community of hosts. As we celebrate TCG’s 50th birthday, it was a truly magical moment in our field. We were thrilled to have several legends [...]


National Conference: Day 1 Round Up

by August Schulenburg June 17, 2011 National Conference

“You are not going to be able to see everything you want to see or attend every session that peaks your interest” – Teresa Eyring “Revolutions are a fertile time period for the artist, because people are more willing to pay attention.” – Mona Eltahawy These two quotes, both from the opening Keynote, captured the [...]

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Live Streaming The Conference

by August Schulenburg June 16, 2011 National Conference

It’s time. After a lovely informal welcome party last night, the attendees (over 1,100 strong!) are registering, downing coffee, mulling over last night’s Radar LA show, and preparing for the Conference to begin. We’re going be sharing as much of it as we can, giving roundups here on the Circle, and on Twitter @TCG with hashtag [...]

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National Conference: Welcome Engine28

by August Schulenburg June 15, 2011 National Conference

The TCG staff has now landed safely in Los Angeles, and we’re dashing about the beautiful Millennium Biltmore Hotel readying the space for the arrival of over 1,000 theatre leaders for the 2011 National Conference. We’ll be doing our level best to cover the excitement here on the Circle, on the TCG Facebook page, and [...]

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What If…We Stopped the Habit and Found the Necessity?

by Nancy Keystone June 13, 2011 What If

What if we stopped the HABIT of theatre and found the NECESSITY for doing it? A Gut-Check. (I mean “habit” in the sense of repetition of acts, without questioning the whys and wherefores, without paying attention, without an honest impulse at the center.) PASSION Most of us came to the theatre out of a need, [...]

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What If…Theatres Sought Out Epic Plays?

by Susan Bernfield June 10, 2011 What If

Learn more about the What If…? Project What if…theatres swam against the small cast currents, and sought out epic plays to produce? Well, people do like to experience BIG!  There’s just something gorgeous, instantaneously delightful, about a stageful of people.  Opera, for example, is about spectacle, and it’s on the rise with audiences, even coveted young [...]

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What If…One Extraordinary Production A Year Found A Truly National Audience?

by Tim Jennings June 8, 2011 What If

Learn more about the What If…? Project What if… theatres collaborated to share one extraordinary production a year with a truly national audience? By Tim Jennings, Managing Director, Seattle Children’s Theatre What if, on a regular basis, a single exceptional production could be chosen by artistic directors and producers from around the country to be seen all [...]

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Teresa’s Weekly Update: Engaging Edition

by Teresa Eyring June 7, 2011 Weekly Update
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The 2011 National Conference is officially sold out with over 1,000 attendees coming from across the nation and the world. This is a record number—especially considering the days of yore, when 150+ theatre leaders would wander around in cut-offs on the Princeton campus—but we have new social networking technologies and match-making processes that help a [...]

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What If…More Theatres From The Black Arts Movement Survived?

by Dominic Taylor June 2, 2011 What If

Learn more about the What If…? Project What if more organizations that started as a result of the Black Arts Movement survived? I can properly state without reservation that our art form would be light years ahead of where it is now. I say this not out cultural pride alone, but looking at the artists and [...]

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