Live Streaming The Conference

by August Schulenburg

in National Conference

It’s time. After a lovely informal welcome party last night, the attendees (over 1,100 strong!) are registering, downing coffee, mulling over last night’s Radar LA show, and preparing for the Conference to begin.

We’re going be sharing as much of it as we can, giving roundups here on the Circle, and on Twitter @TCG with hashtag #TCG2011.

We’ll also be live-streaming a number of sessions:

The Community Formerly Known As The Audience: Who They Are, What They Want, What to Do About It
12:30 PM PDT- 2:15 PM PDT
Stream at This special conference session is offered in partnership with the NEA Arts Journalism Program. We live in a time of infinite choice, of infinite sharing. No longer content to be passive audiences, we demand engagement, interactivity. For those of us who have grown up with the expectation of always-on access, the act of art isn’t complete until we’re able to share what is meaningful to us. We demand transparency, the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways, relationships with art that speak personally to us. The shift taking place now is not fundamentally a marketing challenge, and it’s a mistake to treat it as if it is. The community formerly known as the audience wants more, and institutions need to adapt how they do business. We’ll look at who this new cultural consumer is, and ways to cultivate them.

TCG x PechaKuchaStream at
12:45 PM PDT- 2:15 PM PDT
If you mixed the TED Conference with speed dating, you’d get something like PechaKucha. Deriving its name from the Japanese term for “chit chat,” PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, work, and stories. The PechaKucha format allows you to show 20 images, each for only 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along with the presentation. It’s a fast-paced format that makes talks concise, creative, and entertaining.

The Shift Age, An Address by Futurist and Author David Houle
9:00 AM PDT- 10:00 AM PDT Stream at
Who doesn’t like to take a peek into the crystal ball every now and then? We’re thrilled about kicking off our Friday morning programming with futurist and author David Houle. His book, The Shift Age, chronicles a time of transformation and the dynamics that are reshaping our world. As we look towards the future of our art form, what David Houle has to say may prove critical.

The State of the Artist
1:15 PM PDT- 2:15 PM PDT
Stream at
One of TCG’s key responsibilities is to listen to our constituents, and to respond in ways that will help to strengthen, nurture and promote the American theatre ecology. For 35 years, TCG has tracked the financial health of its diverse base of member organizations, offering critical benchmarks and allowing us to track the progress of the national theatre field from the organizational perspective. Meanwhile, a large primarily freelance artistic community has grown without the benefit of long-term, in depth study, which would afford the opportunity to measure progress on issues that need addressing. So, through TCG’s Field Conversations this year, we investigated the relationship between individual artists and institutions, with a goal of identifying the successes, challenges, and ways of strengthening relationships in order to strengthen our field as a whole. During this all-conference session, we’ll reveal the results of the in-person Roundtable Conversations, the State of the Artist survey and the Town Halls held independently by TCG member theatres. And, we’ll envision the way toward new, stronger relationships between artists and institutions

Past as Prologue: Dreams of An Ideal Theatre
2:15 PM PDT- 3:15 PM PDT
Stream at
From the forthcoming TCG Book, An Ideal Theatre: Visions That Built an American Art, Todd London, artistic director of New Dramatists, will explore the questions that shaped the founding visions of the theatre field. In these visions, you can discover all the things we celebrate and struggle with today: What does it mean to make theatre in so broad and diverse a country? How do theatres help shape communities and cultural identity? What does professionalism give us and what does it sometimes sacrifice? What is the genius of the individual artist, and what is the genius of the group? How does theatre help build a democracy? Where does idealism live? This is a celebration of the people who came before us, the people who led us here. It’s a look backward, toward the future.

What if the Future of the Field Were in the Hands of Today’s Artists?
9:00 AM PDT- 10:30 AM PDT
Stream at
Five artists discuss what it means to be an artist today, their visions for a vital theatre field, and their own “What if…” questions. What if the future of the field were in their hands?