Call and Response: Lou Bellamy

by August Schulenburg


“We were looking for a place to talk about issues that we knew to be important, to show the complicated nature of African-American life, and to see our grandmothers and grandfathers on stage, with dignity, telling stories that matter, stories that were only sporadically told in other theatres around the world.”
-Lou Bellamy, I AM THEATRE

Have you checked out Lou Bellamy’s I AM THEATRE video yet? If not, please do so and then come back.

Hello, again! In order to extend the conversation surrounding the I AM THEATRE videos (and hopefully inspire you to make your own video), we’re adding a new feature, Call and Response.

Call and Response takes a second, longer look at the I AM THEATRE videos to explore the bigger questions of each story. Listening to Lou’s video, I was struck by his passion to share those untold stories, a passion that propelled him through 35 years of making theatre.

What other theatre makers are daring to tell untold stories?

What stories are still missing from our stages?

And what stories are YOU burning to share?

Let us know, or better yet, don’t just tell, show.

  • Scott Walters

    Small and rural communities are virtually ignored by the American stage, and when they do appear, they are usually put in a negative light. Substitute “rural” in place of “African-American” in Lou Bellamy’s video above, and he speaks for me.