From What If to What Next

by August Schulenburg


Leading up to our 2011 National Conference, we hosted a number of thoughtful essays imagining the future of theatre,These posts ranged from What If Disaster Relief Included An Arts Component to What If Theatres Partnered With The Local Food Movement, with Jim Hart’s What If Artists Were Trained As Entrepreneurs attracting the most attention. Overall, the project attracted over 8,000 hits, and the essays continue to be discovered and read.

So, what now for What If? Well, we have some essays that haven’t been posted yet, some that haven’t been written yet, and a few new What If ideas from some of our contributors, all of which we’ll continue to post. So, if you find the “What If” frame useful, please don’t hesitate to contact me with news ideas.

We’re also hoping the energy of the What If series will translate into our latest project, I AM THEATRE. If you haven’t read about that, you can do so here, and please share your stories with us on the I AM THEATRE channel. After the National Conference, the temptation is to catch our breath, but this is the 50th Anniversary so we’re going to keep on moving, and we very much hope you’ll come along for the ride. So please, share your stories and ideas with us!