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August 2011

“…in the midst of our fervor and our good work, there was much sexism. We had a theatre company that spoke of liberation and equality, but within our ranks it was definitely a double standard for women.” – Elisa Marino Alvarado, I AM THEATRE This honest quote acknowledges that there is a difference between intention [...]


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TCG is excited to welcome our newest board members and board leadership with Philip Himberg, producing artistic director of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program, serving as board president. He takes the reins from our immediate past president Martha Lavey, artistic director of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is joined by vice-presidents James Bundy, artistic director of Yale [...]


The National Theatre of Kosovo in Crisis

by Karen Malpede August 25, 2011 Global Connections

(Ed. Note: Soon after posting Karen Malpede’s essay on her Global Connections project, Another Life on the Road, she received word that her collaborators in Kosovo were in crisis. What follows is more information from Karen regarding the political pressures on the National Theatre of Kosovo, and a letter from their Artistic Director, Jeton Neziraj.) [...]

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Call and Response: Don Shewey

by August Schulenburg August 23, 2011 I AM THEATRE

“I just saw writing about theatre in a different way, as a kind of dialogue with the artist, and that’s what’s really meaningful to me.” – Don Shewey, I AM THEATRE As the Artistic Director of Flux Theatre Ensemble, I’ve made a concerted effort to respond to most of the reviews written about our work [...]

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Teresa’s Weekly Update: Ch-ch-changes Edition

by Teresa Eyring August 22, 2011 Weekly Update
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Last week, I mentioned that the Fall Forum on Governance is coming up, from November 11 to 13 in New York, and we’re deep into the planning for that convening. Whether or not you are able to attend, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what are the top issues your trustees—and theatre trustees, in [...]

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Another Life on the Road

by Karen Malpede August 19, 2011 Global Connections
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Photo by Valon Bajgoraj. Pictured: George Bartenieff (Handel) and Rebeka Qena (Tess) We were fortunate to be awarded a Global Connections – On the Road travel grant to take my new play, Another Life, to Kosovo this past June because we already had performance dates in New York for the fall but had not had the [...]

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Call and Response: Mallory D. Pierce

by Dafina McMillan August 16, 2011 I AM THEATRE

“I had a pretty rude awakening when I realized that I was not going to make it as a dancer. I wasn’t very happy because I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with my life… It takes a whole lot of people to make art happen and I decided that what I [...]

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Teresa’s Weekly Update: Forward to the Forum Edition

by Teresa Eyring August 15, 2011 Weekly Update
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I want to get the dates for our Fall Forum on Governance on your radar, which takes place in New York, November 11-13. This annual convening of trustees and theatre leaders is one of our most popular gatherings. Since the Forum has a capacity of approximately 175 participants, it is a relatively intimate event and [...]

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Signature Stories

by Bryna Turner August 10, 2011 American Theatre magazine

There’s no doubt Signature Theatre Company is an all-around hit with playwrights. Romulus Linney, its first playwright-in-residence, called it “the best thing that’s ever happened to me in the theatre.” The twice-Signature-celebrated Horton Foote said, “It is truly a theatre home.” And Tony Kushner, the current playwright-in-residence, will even go so far as to say, [...]

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Call and Response: Mimi Lien

by Ruth Eglsaer August 9, 2011 I AM THEATRE

“Designing sets in traditional theatre spaces, I am designing a three-dimensional space but that three dimensional space is really only viewed from one side. I would love to actually design the space that the audience moves through and doesn’t just look at from one side because the experience of moving through space is actually one [...]

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Teresa’s Weekly Update: New Plays, New Spaces Edition

by Teresa Eyring August 9, 2011 Weekly Update
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As many of you are aware, TCG honored the Edgerton Foundation at our National Conference in June. Since the beginning of the Edgerton Foundation New American Play Awards, the foundation has given $3.6 million toward the development of new work, by supporting additional rehearsal time with the full team present. I wanted to call your [...]

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What If…Devised Theatre Moved To The Mainstream of Theatre Making?

by Rachel Chavkin August 8, 2011 What If

(Learn more about the What If…? Project and what comes next) What if…devised theatre moved from the margins to the mainstream of theatre making? “Devised Theatre” resists easy definition, as was made clear at Arena Stage’s New Play Development Project Devising Convening in 2010. In fact the artists and companies present took pride in the vast variances of [...]

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Call and Response: Eric Bogosian

by Ruth Eglsaer August 2, 2011 I AM THEATRE

“…he was profoundly disinterested when I used the term “alienation effect.” He said, “Where did you learn that term… college?” So anyway – He said, “I heard you do this solo stuff, could you do some of that for me right now?” And I said, “Look, I didn’t come up here to audition.” Fortunately, there’s [...]

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Teresa’s Weekly Update: Debt Debate Edition

by Teresa Eyring August 1, 2011 Weekly Update
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It’s been another sweltering week of debt ceiling debate and madness, including the successful thwarting of an amendment to eliminate the NEA. Last week the House debated the House Interior Appropriations Bill, which included funding for the NEA. On Monday, July 25, the House defeated, by a vote of 284-126, an Amendment introduced by Representative [...]

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