Call and Response: Mimi Lien

by Ruth Eglsaer


“Designing sets in traditional theatre spaces, I am designing a three-dimensional space but that three dimensional space is really only viewed from one side. I would love to actually design the space that the audience moves through and doesn’t just look at from one side because the experience of moving through space is actually one of the most powerful human experiences.”

-Mimi Lien, I AM THEATRE 

When I was six years old I remember seeing a play performed on the Streets of Old Milwaukee, a life sized exhibit in the Milwaukee Public Museum. I don’t remember the name of the play, but what I do remember is the exhilarating feeling of running through the maze-like space to catch up with the action, guided only by sound cues and an artful lighting design. Over the past ten years I have become increasingly aware of the many theatres that are doing work in non-traditional spaces.

What is the most amazing non-traditional theatre space you have seen?

What or how do you think non-traditional spaces add to the work?

If you could perform a piece of theatre ANYWHERE, where would it be?

Let us know, or better yet, don’t just tell, show.

Call and Response extends the conversation surrounding the I AM THEATRE videos (and hopefully inspires you to make your own video). You can watch Mimi’s video and catch up on I AM THEATRE here.