Call and Response: Maggie Arbogast

by Casey William Gallagher


“Theatre to me is freeing.  I love the variety that every day has.  I love the people that I work with, and I love the feeling that I get when I know that I have affected even just one person by the work that I’ve done or the work I’ve assisted to do to put on our stage.”
- Maggie Arbogast, I AM THEATRE

Okay I think Maggie and I must be twins who were separated at birth like the Dromios from The Comedy of Errors.  I was also a math major in college who wanted to become a high school math teacher, and I also became disillusioned with that career choice in my senior year.  However, I had a dual major in math and theatre, and once I decided teaching wasn’t for me, I looked for a job in theatre where I could combine my love and passion for theatre with my head for numbers and analysis.  So my first professional job in theatre was in the box office.  As I worked in theatre, my enjoyment and engagement with theatre continued to grow, and I realized I wanted to be able to assist and affect positive change in the industry, and that decision lead to theatre management.  Just like Maggie, I now love the feeling knowing that my work has helped make the productions on our stage possible.

- In what ways are theatre administrators also artists?

- How do we encourage everyone in theatre to think with both the creative and analytic (or left and right) sides of their brains?

- How else can we celebrate and acknowledge all the people (not just the actors) who make theatre possible?

Let us know, or better yet, don’t just tell, show.

Call and Response
extends the conversation surrounding the I AM THEATRE videos (and hopefully inspires you to make your own video). You can watch Maggie’s video and catch up on I AM THEATRE here.

Casey William Gallagher is the managing director for The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF) which just celebrated its 20th anniversary season. He has worked at PSF for thirteen seasons where his past jobs have included box office intern, administrative intern, company manager, box office manager, assistant to the managing director, director of development, and general manager. He is also proud to serve as treasurer for the Shakespeare Theatre Association and previously worked at The People’s Light & Theatre Company for five years as the Director of Audience Services.