Teresa’s Weekly Update: Model the Movement Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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Believe it or not, the 22nd TCG National Conference in Boston is only 149 days away! It feels as if the 50th Anniversary kick-off Conference in Los Angeles was only last week instead of last June. If you were among the1,100 theatre-makers (a Conference record!) who joined us to ask What If…?, I hope the discoveries and connections you made then have stayed with you.

This year, we’re building on that momentum with our conference theme, Model the Movement. How can we transform our theatre field into a movement for the digital age? We can do it by changing the system of how we share, measure and adapt what works through creating a year-round conference. Submit a Breakout Session Proposal and Award Nominations, and help TCG transform our field into a movement, one new model at a time.

One enduring model for measuring progress is our Fiscal Survey, which is now open for TCG member theatres with a deadline of Friday, February 3. Participating theatres gain access to online reporting tools for budget group analyses, theatre to theatre comparisons, income to expense ratios for other regions and much more. The data gathered also becomes the basis for Theatre Facts, TCG’s annual in-depth industry report. I urge you to participate and help us provide an accurate, representative picture of our field! Theatre Facts is also an increasingly important source of information for funders and the national media seeking to gain a better understanding of trends in our field.

The impulse for innovative models is eloquently expressed in Chi-wang Yang’s recent I AM THEATRE video, where he shares his decision to define himself as a theatre artist not to “hold onto what theatre is or has been, but it’s because I’m thinking about what I hope theatre can be.” What do you hope theatre can be? Share it with us and help Model the Movement.

Finally, I want to call your attention to a useful platform for sharing visual recordings of convenings, speeches and content you wish to share with a larger audience. Virtual NPAC (VNPAC) is a virtual community for a cross-disciplinary collection of recordings and live-streamed events. If you have a recorded event or other content that you think would be useful to others, you can post it there. And while you’re there, scroll down to see Will Power’s keynote address at the National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference.