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Spring 2012 Leadership Teleconferences

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TCG Leadership Teleconferences are offered throughout the year featuring presentations and moderated panel conversations by experts in and outside of the field who give their unique perspective on a topic. Participants have an opportunity to hear challenges, strategies and solutions that affect the field, and to engage in question and answer sessions. We hope you will join us this spring!

A-ha! Webinars:

Machine Project: Seeing the Unconventional in the Everyday
Wednesday, March 7, 2:00pm-3:30pm (EST)
Mark Allen, founder and executive director, Machine Project
With activities ranging from an opera by and for dogs, teaching children how to steal cars and a vacation for houseplants at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Machine Project is mapping new models of cultural production. In this webinar, the founder and executive director of Machine Project, Mark Allen, will discuss his vision on how small non-profit organizations can work both independently with artists and in collaboration with large cultural organizations to produce new experiences and ways of seeing the world.
Registration Deadline is Friday, February 24. 

The Future of Engagement: Social Media and Your Audience
Wednesday, April 4, 2:00pm-3:30pm (EST)
Shane D. Hudson, MFA candidate ’14, theater management, Yale School of Drama
Shane D. Hudson will lead this webinar as he shares his insights into the future of digital engagement within our field. Shane will discuss the latest trends in social media, the future of audience engagement using digital technology and how live theatre can embrace digital audience development. He will also give some brass tack tips and tools for getting started or getting out of the social media rut.
Registration Deadline is Friday, March 23.

Getting In On the Act: How Arts Groups are Creating Opportunities for Active Participation
Wednesday, May 2, 2:00pm-3:30pm (EST)
Alan Brown, principal, WolfBrown
Arts participation is being redefined as Americans increasingly choose to engage with art in new, more active and expressive ways. This trend carries profound implications, and fresh opportunities, for a non-profit arts sector exploring how to adapt to demographic and technological changes. Getting In On the Act: How Arts Groups are Creating Opportunities for Active Participation is a new study commissioned by The James Irvine Foundation and conducted by WolfBrown. It draws insights from more than 100 non-profit arts groups and other experts in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. The report presents a new model for understanding levels of arts engagement as well as case studies of participatory arts in practice. It also addresses many of the concerns that arts organizations may have in supporting participatory arts practices and provides inspiration and ideas for exploring this growing trend. Alan Brown, the report’s author, will lead this webinar, including an opportunity to brainstorm how theatres are engaging audiences in participatory programs.
Registration Deadline is Friday, April 20.


Navigating the Visa Process for Artists from Abroad
Tuesday, April 24, 2:00pm-3:30pm (EST)
A Presentation by FTM Arts Law
Jonathan Ginsburg, artist immigration attorney and author of the visa section of, along with Brian Taylor Goldstein, artist immigration and entertainment attorney and Andi Floyd, visa specialist and artistic services manager, demystify the visa process for artists. An increasing number of U.S.-based theatres are working with international artists and presenting work from abroad. Understanding the difference between each type of visa and how to obtain them, along with the potential tax obligations facing international groups and performers, will help you save time, money and a lot of frustration!
Registration Deadline is Friday, April 13.

Leveraging Federal Policy: Successful Case Studies from the Field
Panel: TBA
Moderated by Teresa Eyring, executive director, TCG
Tuesday, May 22, 2:00pm-3:15pm (EST)
Theatre leaders around the country have successfully navigated federal policy and appropriations opportunities to the benefit of their theatres. TCG’s executive director, Teresa Eyring, will moderate a panel featuring reports on field efforts to preserve the charitable deduction, as well as input from colleagues who have won U.S. Department of Education multi-year grants and NEA support from Members of Congress, and influenced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to better respond to the needs of theatre companies.
Registration Deadline: TBA