Brain Bank Seeks Peers and Knowledge Donors

by Teresa Eyring

in Tools & Research

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We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the TCG Brain Bank: Where Knowledge Earns Interest! Since we began the TCG Brain Bank three years ago, we’ve made numerous matches and received a lot of positive feedback, as well as innovative ideas for how it might be improved. With that in mind, we have overhauled the online version of this program to make it run more seamlessly. We have also added new areas of expertise/need to reflect the growing challenges and concerns of running a not-for-profit theatre in the 21st century.

One of TCG’s greatest assets is the community of brilliant and creative minds represented by our membership. The TCG Brain Bank was created as a way to connect these minds by allowing our members to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with one another. Even the most seasoned theatre professionals find themselves facing challenges for which they feel unprepared. By connecting our members with colleagues who have cleared similar hurdles, TCG hopes to foster a sense of community and support while harvesting the knowledge of the field for the greater good.

We are currently inviting executive leaders, senior level staff and trustees at TCG Member Theatres to sign up as Brain Bank Peers if they need counsel on a particular issue. We also continue to welcome executive leaders, senior level staff and trustees at TCG Member Theatres to volunteer their time and expertise as Knowledge Donors. Senior level staff includes positions such as: (production managers, marketing directors, development directors, literary managers, facility managers, etc.). Once registered, TCG will search the database to match the Knowledge Donor whose experience and background best suits the Peer’s stated challenge.

In order to participate in the Brain Bank, please fill out a registration form on our website. (This should take less than five minutes.) We will keep it on file and contact you when we have found a match. Click here to register and to see the new Brain Bank. If you have any questions please contact Chris Shuff, director of management programs or Rachel Hutt, management programs associate.