Deadlines: National Conference Scholarship and Award Nominations

by August Schulenburg

in National Conference

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Today, March 16, is the deadline for Scholarships to the 2012 TCG National Conference: Model the Movement, so if you were thinking of applying, now is the moment. It is also the deadline for Award Nominations, and our Early Bird Deadline is rapidly approaching, so please read on for more information, and apply, nominate and register!

Deadline: March 16, 2012

TCG is able to provide a limited number of scholarships that will waive the registration fee. Scholarships are limited to TCG Member Theatres located more than 500 miles from Boston, MA. Learn more and apply HERE.

Last Chance For Award Nominations

Award Nominations
Deadline: March 16, 2012

The annual TCG Awards are a vital part of acknowledging unyielding commitment and artistic contributions to the theatre field. Since 2001 the TCG Awards have saluted extraordinary dedication to the American theatre community. We look to the TCG community to call our attention to artists and funders who are shaping the theatre field and leading it into the future. Each TCG Member Theatre is urged to nominate one honoree in each award category.

View award descriptions and make a nomination HERE.

August Schulenburg is the Associate Director of Communications at TCG. He is also the Artistic Director of Flux Theatre Ensemble, winner of the 2011 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award. He is a playwright whose produced plays include Riding the Bull, Carrin Beginning, The Lesser Seductions of History, Dream Walker, Rue, Jacob’s House and Other Bodies. He is also a director (most recently Ellen McLaughlin’s Ajax in Iraq) and actor (the recent film, The Golden Scallop). Learn more here.