Teresa’s Weekly Update: West of the Hudson Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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“I had occasion to do some public-speaking and we picked topics out of a hat…It said ‘Nothing of any significance exists west of the Hudson River,’ and I breathed a big sigh of relief. I’m a New Yorker, piece of cake!”
- Gordon Davidson,

Of course, we all know what happened next: Gordon left New York City to found the Mark Taper Forum in 1967, and along the way to winning the 1977 Tony Award for Theatrical Excellence, discovered he had become “an Angeleno, telling Los Angeles stories.”

Looking over our now 494 Member Theatres spread across 47 states, no one can doubt that a great deal of significance exists west of the Hudson River. As our national theatre movement becomes increasingly global, we know, too, that significance exists west of Los Angeles, east of New York City, south of Austin and as far north as Fairbanks.

I’m DC today for Arts Advocacy Day 2012, along with a number of staff from TCG Member Theatres, to remind our representatives of our field’s nation-wide reach and local impact. Get involved by learning more about key issues, and let your legislators know why federal support for the arts is so important.

While the geographic scope of our field expands, the virtual distance between us shrinks, and at TCG, we’re finding new ways to connect and empower theatre people. We just posted the archive of Shane Hudson’s webinar, The Future of Engagement: Social Media and Your Audience. Watch it, and then register for future MetLife/TCG A-ha! Leadership Webinars, as well as upcoming Leadership and Theatre Professional Teleconferences, with opportunities for knowledge-sharing available across many departments.

Participants in these Teleconferences stay connected afterwards through a listserv, allowing them to reach out with questions and ideas to a group of peers facing similar issues. If you’re looking for help in a more one-on-one fashion, I encourage you to participate in our newly revised Brain Bank.

While this kind of real-time connection is essential in our fast-paced, viral age, it cannot replace the impact of meeting your colleagues face-to-face. Last week was the deadline for early bird registration to our 2012 National Conference, and we are now over 550 registrants. Space is limited, so I hope you will register now and come east of the Hudson to join us in Boston as we Model the Movement!