Teresa’s Weekly Briefing: Tigers and God Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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TCG has long championed the artistic, moral and civic imperative of diversity. In 2008, we joined more than 4,000 arts practitioners at the National Performing Arts Convention in Denver where we identified diversity as one of five key priorities, and in our most recent strategic plan, we renewed our commitment to it though our core values and programs like Young Leaders of Color. The recent news that white births accounted for less than half of the newborn population for the first time in U.S. history reminds us that true equality and inclusion are necessities for achieving lasting sustainability. To that end, we are thrilled to announce “Ensuring the Sustainability of our Field,” the Saturday morning plenary session at the National Conference.

This plenary session will feature Roche Schulfer, executive director of the Goodman Theatre, Adam Thurman, communications director at the Court Theatre, Suzanne Wilkins, director of program services for the Partnership, Ralph Peña, artistic director of Ma-Yi Theater Company, and moderator F. Javier Torres, senior program officer at the Boston Foundation, in conversation about successful institutional models of supporting diversity. With the regular registration deadline extended through June 8, now is the time to join the 800+ theatre people headed to Boston to Model the Movement!

Our work championing successful models of audience engagement continues past the Conference, led by our multi-phase program, Audience (R)Evolution. The first phase is already underway, with AMS Planning & Research assessing the most important audience engagement research. If you know of a particular research study, report or recorded webinar that would be beneficial to the rest of the field, please share it by emailing Chris Shuff, director of management programs.

As theatre people, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of someone seeing their own experience on stage. Moisés Kaufman’s I AM THEATRE video reminds us of how that power can often reveal itself in unexpected ways. We need to keep expanding the inclusive spirit of our stages, so that more members of our communities can see their story in a tiger talking to God.