A Letter of Support for David Adjmi

by Jon Robin Baitz

in Advocacy,Playwrights

(Ed. note: We’re featuring Jon Robin Baitz’s open letter on behalf of David Adjmi to signal TCG’s support of Admji, a TCG published playwright, and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, a TCG Member Theatre. Executive Director Teresa Eyring has signed the letter on behalf of TCG and connected Adjmi with a pro-bono First Amendment lawyer. If you wish to add your signature to the original, please comment in the post below and we’ll add your name to this main letter. Jon has requested TCG take over the management of the signatures, so please add them here and not on his Facebook page. – A. Schulenburg).

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to ask that you please join me in signing a letter of support for playwright David Adjmi, whose play 3C just closed a run at Rattlestick Theatre. Mr Adjmi has received a threatening “Protest Letter” from the law firm of Kenyon & Kenyon, which represents DLT Entertainment, the owners of the long defunct TV sitcom THREE’S COMPANY. The letter accuses him of copyright infringement, and demands that he cease further performances of the play, provide them with an accounting of all revenues from the play to date, and furnish them with his written assurance that he will comply with these demands. The letter claims that 3C damages their client’s property, which is being developed for the stage. In comparing the works, the lawyers note that “Connie is sexy and jiggles just like Chrissy, Mr Wicker makes gay jokes, as did Mr. Roper, and notes further, that the play features slapstick comedy, which apparently is the sole property of Three’s Company. It goes on listing the similarities between the works. Yes, David’s play satirically invokes the sitcom in question as a template upon which to  de-construct the mores and tropes of that time. It is clearly and patently and unremittingly parody, to the extent that it depends on Three’s Company 1970s attitudes towards sexual relations, etc, in order to slyly examine the underlying brutality and bigotry attendant to American popular culture of that era. (And since then).The critical response to the play has generally acknowledged 3-C’s exploration of the essential aloneness of the characters, and the toxic suffering they endure. Mr Adjmi’s intentions are not to replicate Three’s Company, but clearly and patently to mutate it into something dark and frightening, savage even.

Parody has been recognized as protected speech by the Supreme Court again and again. (Think of the highly publicized case of Hustler Magazine Inc. V Jerry Falwell, in which the minister sued the magazine publisher over a mock Campari ad in which he was portrayed as having a drunken sexual encounter with his mother in an outhouse. I could go on and on, listing such examples, some more outré, some less.)  To quote the First Amendment Center:

A parody is an attack on folly, but it takes the form of a contemptuous imitation of an existing artistic production — usually a serious work of literature, music, artwork or film — for satirical or humorous purposes. Satire and parody have served for generations as a means of criticizing public figures, exposing political injustice, communicating social ideologies, and pursuing such artistic ends as literary criticism. Satirists usually find themselves subjected in turn to criticism, contempt and, sometimes, lawsuits. The First Amendment protects parody as a form of free speech and expression.”

I am not a lawyer, but David may need one, and I am currently investigating the willingness of a respected First Amendment firm to take this case on pro-bono. That an off-Broadway playwright should be bullied by a Wall Street law firm over a long-gone TV show, is in and-of-itself, worthy of parody but in fact, this should be taken seriously enough to merit raising our voices in support of Adjmi and his play, which Kenyon & Kenyon is insisting be placed in a drawer and never published or performed again. Whether one appreciates the work or not is immaterial; the principle at stake here is a basic one. The more of us who join in a defense of David, the more powerful this letter will be. Specious and spurious legal bullying artists should be vigorously opposed, and that opposition must begin first and foremost with all of us in the New York Theatre community.

Thank you so much, and please let me know if I may add your name to the list of artists supporting Mr. Adjmi and his play.


Jon Robin Baitz

Co-signatories: (List in formation)

1. Edward Albee
2. Tony Kushner
3. Joe Mantello
4. Stephen Sondheim
5. Aaron Sorkin
6. Eric Bogosian
7. Bruce Norris
8. John Guare
9. Paula Vogel
10. Chris Shinn
11. John Patrick Shanley
12. Terrence McNally
13. Kenneth Lonergan
14. Stephen Adley Guirgis
15. Jose Rivera
16. Lynn Nottage
17. Craig Lucas
18. Sarah Ruhl
19. Peter Hedges
20. Adam Rapp
21. Amy Herzog
22. Lisa Kron
23. Craig Lucas
24. Peter Hedges
25. Nicky Silver
26. Adam Rapp
27. Andre Bishop, Artistic Director, Lincoln Center Theatre
28. Jim Nicola, Artistic Director, NY Theatre Workshop
29. Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, Public Theatre, NY
30. Robert Falls, Artistic Director, The Goodman Theatre, Chicago
31. Tim Sanford, Artistic Director, Playwrights Horizons
32. David Van Asselt, Artistic Director, Rattlestick Theatre
33. Ari Roth, Artistic Director, Theater J
34. Martha Plimpton
35. Steven Karam
36. John Steppling
37. Alisa Solomon
38. Moises Kaufman
39. Leigh Silverman
40. Doborah Eisenberg
41. Daniel Aukin
42. Chay Yew
43. Sam Gold
44. Annie Baker
45. Jonathan Marc Sherman
46. Itamar Moses
47. Michael Cerveris
48. Terry Kinney, Co-Founder, Steppenwolf Theatre Company
49. Pippin Parker
50. Kelly Overbey
51. Kevin Sessums
52. Daniel Goldfarb
53. Ellen McLaughlin
54. Daniel Talbott
55. David Cote, Theatre editor, Time-Out NY
56. Sarah Benson, Artistic Director, SoHo Rep
57. Lou Jacob
58. Leonard Jacobs
59. Gia Gionfriddo
60. Jay Knowlton
61. Casey Childs
62. Ann Washburn
63. Howard Rodman
64. Griffin Dunne
65. Jason Grote
66. Connie Cogdon
67. Morgan Jenness
68. Leslie Nipkow
69. Mark Snyder
70. Isaac Butler
71. Rajiv Joseph
72. Kia Corthron
73. Julianne Hoffenberg
74. Nick Gandiello
75. Josh Beerman
76. Dorian Palumbo
77. Peter Frechette
78. Frank Pugliese
79. Michele Volansky
80. Daniel Reitz
81. Larry Kunofsky
82. Nick Jones
83. Adam Feldman
84. Jenny Mudge
85. Chris Henry Coffey
86. Haskell King
87. James Joseph O’Neil
88. Laura Cole
89. Mike Daisey
90. Jack Davidson
91. Ellen Novack
92. Tom Kirdahy
93. Brooke Berman
94. Shoni Currier, Director of Performing Arts, City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
95. Ken Russ Schmoll
96. Kathleen Tolan
97. Deborah Stein
98. Todd London, Artistic Director, New Dramatists
99. William Russo, Managing Director, New York Theatre Workshop
100. David Pertraca
101. Melissa Jane Gibson
102. Robert Stanton
103. David Bar Katz
104. Philip Himburg
105. Bathsheba Doran
106. Winter Miller
107. Illana Brownstein
108. Jeffrey Baumgartner
109. Marisela Trevino Orta
110. Frank Episale
111. Sheila Callaghan
112. Saxon Trainor
113. Michael Criscuolo
114. Jacob Climer
115. Lisa D’Amour
116. Annie Percell
117. Max Posner
118. Dan LeFranc
119. Ken Urban
120. Rob Neill, Managing Director of the New York Neo-Futurists
121. Melanie Joseph, Artistic Producer, The Foundry Theatre
122. Peter Charles Holm
123. Boo Froebel
124. Julie Evan Smith
125. Sidney Goldfarb
126. Andrea Ciannevi
127. Deborah Breevort
128. Carlos J. Serano
129. David Jortner
130. Mark Rose
131. Ryan J. Davis
132. Melinda Lopez
133. Sarah Treem
134. Seth Gordon,Associate Artistic Director, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
135. Matthew Maher
136. Rebecca Henderson
137. Jessica Blank
138. Eric Jensen
139. Stefanie Zadravec
140. Heidi Shreck
141. James Calleri
142. Joe Iconis
143. Will MacAdam
144. Pia Wilson
145. Allison Mackie
146. Otis Ramsey-Zoe
147. Cildaa Shaur
148. Kirsten Greenidge
149. Eric Pfeffinger
150. Jon Caren
151. Marc Wunderlich
152. Ethan Silverman
153. Joy Meads
154. Brad Widener
155. Beth Martin
156. Young Jean Lee
157. Brian James Pollack
158. Karen Hartman
159. Kara Corthron
160. Joe Zarrow
161. Lee Wilkoff
162. MJ Halberstadt
163. Rick Park
164. Daniel Alexander Jones
165. Sam Marks
166. Danny Carroll
167. Victoria Stewart
168. Lucas Hnath
169. Michael Mitnick
170. Michael Micalizzi
171. Antonio Sonera
172. Eli Katz Zoller
173. Michael Sexton
174. Autumn Dornfield
175. Jonathan Moscone
176. Annie McNamara
177. Elaine Romero
178. Mark Armstrong
179. David Handelman
180. David McDowell
181. Jorge Ignacio Cortinas
182. Larry Rosen
183. Richard Warren
184. Mark Wunderlich
185. Teresa Eyring, Theatre Communications Group
186 Peter Deffet
187. Marianne Hagan
188. Joe Salvatore
189. Nick Place
190. Christopher Mirto
191. Tom Matthew Wolfe
192. Kristine M. Reyes
193. John O’Malley
194. Isaiah Tanenbaum, Flux Theatre Ensemble
195. Heather Cohn, Flux
196. Will Lowry, Flux
197. August Schulenburg, Flux
198. Sandra Nance
199. Matt Archambault, Flux
200. Tiffany Clementi, Flux
201. Barbara Beckley, Artistic Director, The Colony Theatre
202. Jennifer Weinreich Culotta
203. Cori Thomas
204. Laura Axelrod
205. Jean E. Compton, Stage Manager and supporter of new works
206. Carol Bixler
207. Julie Haverkate
208. Brian Katz
209. Martha Wade Steketee, freelance dramaturg
210. Liz Jones, Executive Director, Page 73 Productions
211. Michael Walkup, Associate Director, Page 73 Productions
212. Constance R. Smith
213. Shirley Kaplan
214. Kevin Gillese, Artistic Director, Dad’s Garage Theatre
215. Les Waters, Artistic Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville
216. Sheri M. Goldhirsch, Artistic Director, Young Playwrights Inc.
217. Tina Esper Kolomatsky
218. Kevin Crust
219. Ryan Anthony Hatch
220. Jenny Seastone Stern, actor
221. Wilfredo Hernandez
222. T.Tara Turk, playwright
223. Laura Lindson
224. Joe Tracz
225. Sheri Wilner, playwright
226. Charles Foster Cohen, Resident Director, The Box Colony Theatre Co.
227. Steve Rosenbaum
228. Scott Thomas
229. Paul A. Slee
230. Kate Warner
231. Molly Pearson, Co-Artistic director, Partial Comfort Productions
232. Joe Dowling
233. Julianne Avolio, actor
234. Tatiana Ronderos, actor
235. John Russo
236. Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre
237. James Bundy, Dean/Artistic Director, Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre
238. Kara Manning, Playwright and Literary Manager, The Irish Repertory Theatre
239. Ilene Kristen
240. Len Berkman
241. Kim Harmon
242. Reynaldo Piniella
243. Cathey Sawyer, Artistic Director, Greenbrier Valley Theatre
244. Todd Weeks
245. Kate Blumberg
246. Emily Bohannon
247. Jason Simms
248. Craig Mungavin
249. Nancy Georgini
250. Sherri Kronfeld, Artistic Director, SUPERWOLF; staff member, PS122
251. Bob Jaffe
252. Aaron Mack Schloff
253. Todd Loyd, Co-Artistic Director, Sonnet Repertory Theatre
254. Simon Kane, playwright, Sarah Kane’s literary executor
255. Robert Schenkkan
256. Ann Sachs
257. Andrea Thome
258. Keola Simpson
259. Carley Broder
260. Don Rebar
261. Katie Baldwin Eng
262. Janice Hoffmann
263. John Yearley
264. Anne Newhall
265. Lucy Gillespie
266. Thomas Higgins
267. Ryan Hugh McWilliams
268. Kari Bentley-Quinn
269. Jeff Lewonczyk
270. Kathleen McManus
271. Michael Kimmel
272. Josh Hecht
273. Ian Thal
274. Rachel Jendrzejewski
275. David Schweizer
276. Juliana Francis Kelly
277. Eric Southern
278. Colleen Werthmann
279. Ruben Carbajal
280. Adam Greenfield, Director of New Play Development, Playwrights Horizons
281. Noah Tobin
282. Melody Bates
283. Grant Chapman
284. Raquel Cion
285. Colleen M. Hughes
286. Walt McGough
287. Gina Femia
288. Gregg W. Brevoort
289. Lisha McKoy
290. Cheryl Giuliano
291. John Fico
292. Jeffrey E. Salzberg
293. Catherine Porter
294. Jackie Sibbles Drury
295. Charles Busch
296. Jean Marie McKee
297. Liz Duffy Adams
298. Julie A. Hennrikus
299. Mia Chung
300. Selena Lopez
301. Andrew Asnes
302. Stephen Graybill
303. Richard St. Peter
304. Natalie Wilder
305. Robert E. Graham
306. Don Nguyen
307. Jennifer Conley Darling, Artistic Director, terraNOVA Collective
308. Lisa Ramirez
309. Scott RC Levy, Producing Artistic Director, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
310. Wallace Shawn
311. Morgan Allen
312. Katharine Clark Gray
313. Elvy Yost
312. Scott Letscher, Managing Director, Adventure Stage Chicago
313. Lisa Ramirez
314. Anna Brennen, Producing Artistic Director, Stageworks, Tampa, FL
315. Kerry Wieder
316. Dan Irwin
317. Jennifer Ikeda
318. Joseph Haj, Producing Artistic Director, PlayMakers Repertory Company
319. Alexandra Meda
320. Cusi Cram
321. Eva C Scanlan, Associate Producer, terraNOVA Collective
322. Adam Roberts, Arts in America
323. Travis Bedard, Cambiare Productions, Austin TX
324. Cricket S. Myers
325. Tom Parr, Artistic Director, Nouveau 47 Theatre
326. David Lee White, Associate Artistic Director & Resident Playwright, Passage Theatre Company
327. Wendy vanden Heuvel , piece by piece productions
328. Tony Geballe, sound designer and composer
329. Mary ElizaBeth Peters, Theatre Artist and Educator
330. Kate Benson, actor and writer
331. Jeremy M. Barker, Editor at Culturebot.org
332. Brian Bauman, Playwright and Artistic Director, Perfect Disgrace Theater
333. Molly Smith Metzler
334. Colin McKenna
335. Caitlin Saylor Stephens
336. Brendon Votipka
337. Heather Gallagher
338. James Kroener
339. Jaki Bradley
340. Anna Van Valin, actor and filmmaker
341. Louise C Taylor
342. Katarzyna Patora
343. Jo Cattell, Associate Producer, terraNOVA Collective
344. Louise Schwarz
345. Tom Arvetis, Artistic Director, Adventure Stage Chicago
346. Mariah MacCarthy, Playwright and Producing Director, Caps Lock Theatre
347. Rachel Fink
348. Ron Fassler, actor and writer
349. Heather May
350. Matthew Stephen Huffman
351. Leah Dietrich
352. Michael Dove, Artistic Director, Forum Theatre
353. Kelly Walker, Freelance Sound Designer
354. Rafael Gallegos, Artistic Director, Working Classroom
355. Chisa Hutchinson
356. Joshua Bastian Cole, Playwright and Resident Dramaturg, {Your Name Here}: A Queer Theater Company
357. Andrew Schoomaker
358. Matt Cosper, Artistic Director, Machine Theatre
359. Jessi D. Hill, Associate Artistic Director, terraNOVA Collective
360. Lynn Marie Macy
361. Justin Sherin
362. Addie Johnson-Talbott, Rising Phoenix Rep
363. Nat Cassidy
364. Talya Kingston
365. Aimée Hayes, Producing Artistic Director, Southern Rep
366. Christian M. Amato, Artistic Director, The Theatre Project
367. Marni Penning, playwright and actor
368. Zack Bissell
369. Michelle Hensley, Artistic Director, Ten Thousand Things Theater, Minneapolis
370. Brady Amoon, actor
371. Suzanne Miller, Executive Artistic Producer, Ka-Tet Theatre Company, Chicago
372. Edward Marks
373. Eric Hunicutt
374. Suzan Averitt, Actress, Writer, Director
375. Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin, Managing Director, The New American Theatre
376. Chris DeGracia
377. Debbie Saivetz
378. Edward Coffield, Artistic Associate New Jewish Theatre
379. David J. Loehr, 2amt.com, Riverrun Theatre Company
380. Bob Hupp, Producing Artistic Director, Arkansas Repertory Theatre
381. Jenn Harris, SILENCE! The Musical
382. Franny Silverman
383. Jen Hines
384. Walter Astorga
385. Neal Medlyn
386. Kelly Price, Vice President, Faith Theater Co.
387. William Carden, Artistic Director, Ensemble Studio Theatre
388. Keith Habersberger
389. Samm Hill
390. Diane Lefer
391. Stephanie Liss, Playwright/Television writer
392. Carleigh Welsh
393. Matt Baxter Luceno
394. Gloria Bonelli, Gloria Bonelli and Associates-Personal Managers
395. Gabe Maxson
396. C. Denby Swanson
397. Ana Rusness-Petersen
398. Shane Bosher, Artistic Director, Silo Theatre
399. Y. Angel Wuellner, Managing Director, Depot Theatre
400. Heather Hughes
401. Timothy Gilligan
402. Jennie Webb
403. Sam Thielman
404. Seán Patrick Judge
405. Matthew-Lee Erlbach
406. Ben Jolivet
407. Jen Silverman
408. Andrew McCarthy
409. Sean Estelle, UCSD student & former patron of DLT Entertainment
410. Levi Smith
411. Aimee Todoroff, Elephant Run District
412. Holly Vogt Wilkison, Founder/Writer/Artistic Director, The Pendulum Theatre Company
413. Aaron R. Johnson
414. Chris Van Strander
415. Rosa Palmeri
416. Nicolas Petrou
417. Irene White
418. Mallory Catlett
419. Kristin Drew
420. Wes Drummond
421. Alexander Coddington
422. Megan Carter, Associate Artistic Director, Women’s Project
423. Ken LaZebnik
424. Rafeal Clements, Actor
425. Elissa Adams, Director of New Play Development, Children’s Theatre Company
426. Zak Berkman, Associate Artistic Director, People’s Light & Theatre
427. Brandon Holmes
428. Polly Carl, Center for the Theater Commons, Emerson College
429. Beverly Hynds, actor/writer
430. Dawson Moore, playwright
431. Paula Cizmar
432. Jennifer Maisel
433. Mike Daniels
434. Stephanie Swirsky
435. David Gutierrez
436. Laura Heberton
437. Vicki Caroline Cheatwood
438. Erika Sheffer
439. Emilie Beck
440. Tammy Ryan
441. Corey Madden, Writer/ Director and Artistic Director, L’Atelier Arts
442. Jim Tyler Anderson, Vice Chair for Playwriting, KCACTF Region VI
443. Kate Gersten
444. Kimberlyn Crowe
445. Ines Garcia
446. Tom Juarez
447. Michele Lowe
448. Michael Silverstone, 600 HIGHWAYMEN
449. Tanya Palmer, Director of New Play Development, Goodman Theatre
450. Shoshana Greenberg
451. Diana Son
452. Michael Gabriel Goodfriend
453. Jay Patterson. actor
454. Tina Parker
455. Gabriel Shanks, Executive Director, The Drama League of New York
456. Colleen Toole
457. Mel House
458. Siobhan Weiss
459. Veronica Parrish-McGruder
460. Jeanine Bartel
461. Rob Cardazone
462. Josh Billig
463. Jackson Gay
464. Catherine Bush, Resident Playwright, Barter Theatre
465. Richard Stein, Executive Director, Arts Orange County, Santa Ana, California
466. Claire Kiechel
467. Tanya Saracho
468. Laurie McCants, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
469. Danny Bryck
470. Caitlin Taylor
471. Daniel Jáquez
472. Gordon Dahlquist
473. Jen Grigg, Director of New Works, Fusion Theatre Company, Albuquerque, NM
474. Steven Bogart
475. A. Rey Pamatmat
476. Lindsay Mack
477. Stephen Sachs, Playwright, Dramatist Guild Member, Co-Artistic Director, Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles
478. Dawn Ursula
479. Erin Bregman
480. Sarah Shaefer
481. Sallie D. Sanders
482. Yvonne Ernofsson
483. Elizabeth Carlson
484. Laura Marks
485. Jeremy Bohmstein, Managing Director {Your Name Here} A Queer Theater Company
486. Jonathan Tolins
487. Elizabeth Sager, Dramaturg, Company Intern {Your Name Here}: A Queer Theater Company
488. Candido Tirado
489. David Macke, Artistic Director, {YOUR NAME HERE} A Queer Theater Company
490. Janine Nabers
491. Rachel Hauck
492. Andrew Hamingson
493. Rachel Grossman
494. Kendra Miller
495. Richard J Albert
496. Adam Goldstein
497. Ed Herendeen, Producing Director, Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd University
498. Colette Mazunik
499. Joshua Fardon
500. John Earl Robinson, Repertory Theater of Iowa
501. Erin Michelle Washington
502. Laura Eugenia Burgos
503. Starleisha Michelle Gingrich
504. Nathan Kinney
505. Abigail Gampel
506. Tiffany Yang
507. Callan Stout
508. Carrie Ryan
509. Zakiyyah Alexander
510. Tyler Micoleau
511. Mattie Brickman
512. Peter Basta Brightbill
513. Bret Richard Hoskins
514. Amy Stoller, Dialect Designer & Dramaturg
515. Louis A. E. Jagny, Playwright, Dramatist Guild Member, The Playwrights’ Center Member
516. Sam Hunter
517. Hank Willenbrink
518. Michael Halberstam, Artistic Director – Writers’ Theatre
519. Lisa Portes
520. Elizabeth R. English
521. Eric Ting
522. Blanka Zizka, Artistic Director, The Wilma Theater
523. Marin Ireland
524. Russ Spencer, Audience Member
525. Bethany Kay
526. Vickie Ramirez, Playwright
527. Jesse Geiger
528. Michael Jung
529. Rebecca Taichman
530. Andy Donald, Artistic Director, Naked Angels
531. J. L. Rumberger, Playwright, Dramatist Guild Member, Chicago
532. Jordan Seavey, playwright, co-artistic director, CollaborationTown
533. Caleb Eigsti, Playwright
534. P. Seth Bauer, Playwright
535. Jill BC Du Boff, Sound Designer
536. Abigail Isaac
537. Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Arena Stage
538. Charles Socarides
539. Margarett Perry, Director
540. Hunter Bell
541. Michael John Garcés, Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theater Company
542. Brenda Varda, wordspace
543. Debargo Sanyal


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