Teresa’s Weekly Update: After the Storm Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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Our hearts go out to all those struggling in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. What an apt phrase that is: Our hearts go out. Yesterday, we reached out to our Member Theatres and Affiliates in the path of the disaster, and while some were hard hit and others mostly spared, all voiced a similar concern for others. Surely this is a bright spot during dark days—our bodies may be stuck inside without power or transportation, but our hearts go out to others. We remember that we are in this thing together.

To that end, I want to share a number of recovery resources with you. TCG has our own Disaster Management Resource page, and on January 19 of this year, we hosted the Disaster Management: Lessons Learned from the Field teleconference, which is archived and available on our website. That teleconference launched our partnership with South Arts and ArtsReady, a web-based emergency preparedness platform designed to help organizations develop and maintain a comprehensive preparedness plan to recover from a crisis as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through this partnership, TCG Member Theatres receive a 50% discount on the first year of a Premium ArtsReady Membership—use code TCGM12 here. You may also wish to consult their comprehensive list of post-Sandy tips and resources. A.R.T./New York has also just released the Hurricane Sandy Impact Survey to help assess the impact of the storm on all affected theatres, including those outside the New York area.

For those looking to help out, you can donate to and volunteer for the American Red Cross through their website, and Time Out New York is regularly updating their “How to Help in New York City” page with information on donating, volunteering, food drives and more. As we continue to hear from our members and partner service organizations on the needs of affected theatres and theatre people, we will share more ways to come together and make a difference.

Here at 520 8th Avenue in New York City, our website went down and we lost internet access for about a day. We’re back online now, with half our staff in the office and those in more-affected areas working remotely. We are all drawing inspiration from the stories of resilience and collaboration coming in from our members. We’ve heard of brave staffers investigating floods in dark theatres by flashlight; board members housing displaced theatre people; and theatres with power opening their doors to their communities to offer shelter—and a place to charge electronic devices. If you’re in midtown during the weekday and need a place to recharge your literal or spiritual batteries, just come on up to TCG’s office on the 24th floor!

Hurricane Sandy won’t stop our 2012 Fall Forum on Governance: Leading the Charge either, and I’m thrilled to announce that we are now officially sold-out. Email Devon Berkshire if you’re interested in being added to our wait list. For those already attending, the lodging and travel options outlined on our website should be fully operational by the time you arrive. Don’t forget to check out our featured performance page while tickets are still available! As theatres struggle to recover from the lost revenue of dark nights, let’s not forget that one of the best ways we can help is to go out and see a show. Let’s all take our hearts out for a night at the theatre.