Teresa’s Weekly Update: Time and Times Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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From Beckett’s beats to Pinter’s pauses, from places to curtains, time in theatre is measured as much by the pulse of the heart as the tick of the second. Great theatre can make hours disappear, and expand a single moment into a lifetime. I was reminded of theatre’s relationship to time in three recent shows in January festival season here in New York City. Hamlet, Prince of Grief, by the Leev Theater Group from Iran, compressed Shakespeare’s sprawling epic into an explosive half-hour. In a similar length, Poor Dog Group’s The Murder Ballad (1938) gave vibrant physical form to Jelly Roll Morton’s epic recording of revenge and betrayal. Moving in the opposite direction, Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life and Times: Episodes 1-4 expanded a recorded telephone conversation into a nearly eight-hour performance, celebrating the banal and beautiful ways we attempt to communicate our lives.

From time transformed to time a-ticking: I want to remind you of two recently extended deadlines. Today Monday, February 4, is your final deadline to fill out our Conference Planning Form for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas. This form replaces our breakout session of RFP of previous years, so if you’re interested in proposing a breakout, now is the time!

The TCG Fiscal Survey 2012 deadline has also been extended to Friday, February 15. As a reminder, this survey forms the bases for Theatre Facts, a record of—and resource to—our field for over 30 years. Participating Member Theatres gain exclusive access to extensive online reporting tools and data. The quality of this research depends on your participation, and help—from answering simple questions to more in-depth survey guidance— is always available. Find more information here, and please contact Ilana Rose with any questions.

I leave you with two opportunities: Doris Duke’s Charitable Foundation Fund for National Projects deadline has moved up to March 1, much earlier than prior years. Please note that this is not a “National Fund for Projects” but is a “Fund for National Projects”—learn more here. For the adventurous arts entrepreneur, check out the timeSpace initiative from The New York Times.