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Monday, April 15, 2013

Post image for Fulbright Stories: Maureen Towey

(Photo by Brett Bailey) Between World Theatre Day, the Global Connections Round 2 Cycle B application deadline, and our delegation to Cuba, March was a big month for international theatre exchange here at TCG. Although TCG is always actively working towards facilitating cultural exchange for the artists and organizations in our family, it’s important to [...]


Post image for Audience (R)Evolution Wrap Up

(Photo by Alissa Moore. Pictured: Teresa Eyring) Getting to Know You! Forging brave new bonds with audiences at TCG’s landmark Audience (R)Evolution Learning convening in Philadelphia Audiences, we can all agree, are an essential component of theatre—without spectators, the “place for seeing” may as well remain dark; without listeners, the actor needn’t bother to speak. [...]

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