Want To Help Kick-Off TCG’s National Conference?

by August Schulenburg

in National Conference

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Attendees of the 2012 TCG National Conference: Model the Movement in Boston may remember how it all began: the lights went down, the sweet beats of DJ Spooky began to groove, and then images and quotes from the rich legacy of our resident theatre movement played on the big screen. This was our opening video, a TCG tradition that we re-imagined as a call to attendees to think of themselves as essential parts of our evolving movement. I vividly recall the thrill of hearing the visceral responses as we journeyed through our shared history together.

Well, we’re going to do it again, and this time, we want your help!

The theme of our 2013 National Conference in Dallas is Learn Do Teach, inspired by Anne Bogart’s appropriation of the famous phrase from medical training, “see one, do one, teach one.” We chose these words in part to provide a practical framework to make our model-sharing and knowledge-exchange as focused and impactful as possible (and you can learn more about how that works here).

But we also chose these words to remind us that we all stand on the shoulders of giants; and that we should pay that rich and living legacy forward. We must all be teaching artists now, and not just in schools but on our stages, in our offices, with our colleagues and for the next generation of theatre-makers. We must leave our theatre movement better than we found it.

To that end, we want our opening video to call upon that spirit of stewardship within each of us, and so we want to hear from YOU—upon whose shoulders do you stand? To participate, please email me answers to the following prompts:

  • Name a colleague, teacher or mentor who made/makes a difference in your work;
  • Share a quote, lesson or way of working they shared with you that you’d like to pass on to the next generation.

If you would like us to potentially include your story in the opening video, please include an image of you and teacher/mentor, together if possible, though two separate images will also work well. The best size for a digital image is 2400 x 3000 pixels at 300 DPI and the smallest size we can accept is 1200 x1600 pixels at 300 DPI. We can only accept 3 file formats: JPG, TIFF or EPS. While we will most likely excerpt your entry to a single sentence or two for the opening video, if you would like to expand your entry into a blog post here on the TCG Circle, please let me know and include a 100-word bio.

Let’s share our gratitude with those who have given our theatre movement so much. Let’s remember to pass on what we’ve learned to the next generation. Let’s Learn Do Teach together in Dallas…and don’t forget the early bird discount registration deadline is April 15!

August Schulenburg is the Associate Director of Communications at TCG. He is also the Artistic Director of Flux Theatre Ensemble, winner of the 2011 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award. He is a playwright whose produced plays include Riding the Bull, DEINDE, Carrin Beginning, The Lesser Seductions of History, Dream Walker, Rue, Jacob’s House and Other Bodies. He is also a director (most recently Ellen McLaughlin’s Ajax in Iraq) and actor (the recent film, The Golden Scallop and the play Hearts Like Fists). Learn more here.