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Monday, May 13, 2013

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(PUNKS cast: Cast after a reading of PUNKS CARNIVAL by Meng Jinghui at Signature Theatre, part of the Contemporary Chinese Playwriting Series. Photo by Erik Carter.) To give context to the difficulty of translating Punks’ Carnival, we need to look at its germination.  Originally, Punks’ Carnival started with Meng Jinghui, the final author and original [...]


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(This post is a part of the Diversity & Inclusion blog salon led by Online Curator Jacqueline E. Lawton for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas. Check out further Diversity & Inclusion interviews on Jacqueline’s blog.) TCG Online Conference Salon: Diversity and Inclusion Program Arc–Native Theatre series JACQUELINE LAWTON:  First, tell me about the work you do as [...]


Considering Imagination

by Katie Pearl May 13, 2013 Artistry & Artistic Innovation
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(This post is a part of the Artistic Innovation blog salon curated by Caridad Svich for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas). The performance will demonstrate the quality of the time we spend together.  – Paul Margrave As a member of a community that makes, sells, sees, and administrates theater, I’m curious about the quality [...]

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