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(This post is a part of the Artistic Innovation blog salon curated by Caridad Svich for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas).

a deluvial morning led to a breezy, calm evening of Tex-Mex food, pink drinks and yuzu lemon bars.

throughout the day talk of making things happen, infrastructures that get in the way (but wait, didn’t humans put those infrastructures in place? doesn’t that mean we can un-make what we have made?), and wanting to re-learn and re-energize institutions.

an evening met with talk of generations through the poetry of Will Power and the sampled media-performance work of Natasha Tsakos. No mention of the writer Paddy Chayefsky, who actually wrote the lines from the script of the film “Network,” sampled iconically by Tsakos in her excerpt from her piece Climax, in the post-perf talk at the Winspear Opera House.

the humid clothes, the badges with names, the fleeting hugs and “gotta meets” marked the first full day of conferencing.

thoughts from the day:

how do we maintain the sense of fun necessary to make the work?

how do we maintain civility with and amongst each other in the field but also keep the rebellious streak alive so crucial to make work?

how to strike the balance?

how to create more spaces for international work in the US and vice versa?

who gets to tell the stories and why?

and do we ignore the homeless walking outside the Dallas Arts District as we hurry back to our respective hotels?

and more thoughts:
days of rain
and passionate talk
and sly jokes
and glad hands
and affectionate whispers
and bad coffee
not warming our hands

the pale distress of the shy smile
the beleaguered executive
and the boosterism of a city proud of its boosterist mentality

we sit next to the student, the administrator, the engineer,
we seek wonder
and often look for solutions for fixable problems
wonder doesn’t have a chart
it is hard to gauge
but we try to find the right map anyway.

to days of wonder and possible light

Caridad Svich received a 2012 OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement in the theatre, a 2012 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award for GUAPA, and the 2011 American Theatre Critics Association Primus Prize for her play The House of the Spirits, based on the Isabel Allende novel. She has edited several books on theatre including Out of Silence (Eyecorner Press), Trans-Global Readings and Theatre in Crisis? (both for Manchester University Press) Divine Fire (BackStage Books), Out of the Fringe (TCG), and Conducting a Life: Reflections on the Theatre of Maria Irene Fornes (Smith & Kraus).