Artists in Egypt Update, July 1

by Dalia Basiouny

in Activism,Global Citizenship

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(For more information about the situation in Egypt, and to learn how you can help, go here. Also read Cynthia Schneider’s article Opinion: Get ready for Egypt’s ‘second revolution’)

Dear loop friends,

Protests, marches and occupy are starting already  in many locations around Egypt. The air is full of energy, frustration, and hope.

Mahala workers took to the streets already (where the biggest textile factories are). Small towns and cities have some great marches. Tents are erected in Tahrir in preparation for the day. Loads of political meetings. And artists are still performing in front of Ministry of Culture.

(photos of 2 of tonight’s performances:  Out of Box performing their sketches, and We All Love Egypt Group improvisation (with the flag in the center.)

egypt 1

Unfortunately, violence started as well. Almost 300 injuries and 2 death during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood since yesterday/ Wed.

Part of the Ismailyya demonstrations invovled a public trial of Morsi (look alike). (photo attached)
egypt 3

There is a lot taking place, I don’t want to bombard you with news. So let me know if you want more or less.


Dalia Basiouny is a performer, director, and scholar in Cairo.