Announcing Audience (R)Evolution Grant Program

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(Photo by Alissa Moore. Pictured: Teresa Eyring at the Audience (R)Evolution Learning Convening in Philadelphia.)

TCG is pleased to announce the grant phase of the Audience (R)Evolution program. Funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Audience (R)Evolution grant program will give approximately ten awards of up to $65,000 each, with an additional general operating support equivalent to 30% of the grant award, through two initiatives:

  • (Re)Modeling grants will support TCG Member Theatres who aim to increase their proficiency in reaching specific audience(s)/community(ies) by observing, adapting and/or implementing successful models used by newly identified partner organization(s);
  • And (Re)Imagining grants will support TCG Member Theatres with a high level of proficiency and successful track record of reaching audience(s)/community(ies) who now seek new and/or different ways to deepen or expand this work.

Audience (R)Evolution is a four-stage program to study, promote and support successful audience engagement and community development models across the country. The first stage is an ongoing research and assessment project conducted by AMS Planning & Research to study the most impactful engagement models. The second stage of the program was the Audience (R)Evolution Learning Convening, which brought over 250 theatre professionals to Philadelphia in February 2013 to share the success and challenges of their own engagement models and strategies. In this third stage of the program, theatres will be awarded grants to adapt and/or reimagine successful audience engagement models. The final stage of the program will be widespread dissemination, through which theatres at large will have quick and easy access to the project’s findings about how to implement effective audience engagement and community development programs.

“Building on the findings of AMS Planning & Research, and the new relationships and strategies developed at our Learning Convening, we’re excited to launch this third phase of our Audience (R)Evolution program,” said Teresa Eyring, executive director of TCG. “Our long-standing partnership with the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation empowers us to take this bold, multi-pronged effort to strengthen the bonds between theatres and the communities they serve.”

“Supporting Audience (R)Evolution has been an important grant for us at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and we have watched it unfold with great interest,” said Ben Cameron, program director for the arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. “The initial meeting of theatres in Philadelphia was deeply impressive and demonstrated a field hunger for new ways to reach audiences.  We look forward to learning more through the upcoming grants program and to supporting important theatre activities across the country.”

Applications will be accepted online starting August 5, 2013. All submissions MUST be received by noon ET, September 23, 2013. Late applications will not be considered. For more information about Audience (R)Evolution, visit or contact

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