Teresa’s Weekly Update: Leadership as Process Edition

by Teresa Eyring

in Weekly Update

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Leadership, and the lack thereof, has been much on our cultural radar as our country finally voted to end our perilous government shutdown (Laurie Baskin has more here). We’ve been thinking about leadership here at TCG, as well, as we just announced our 2013 Cycle A recipients of our Leadership U[niversity]—Continuing Ed grants, and launched the next application cycle. Leadership U is based on the premise that true leadership is as much a process as a position; and as such, leadership requires taking time away from your daily grind to challenge old ways of thinking and to stretch your capacity.

This kind of professional development is also central to our convenings, and we’re in the process of surveying our rapidly growing list of attendees about their specific capitalization challenges to make the 2013 TCG Fall Forum on Governance: Investing in Vitality even more impactful. Due to rapidly capacity limitations, registration for the 2013 Fall Forum:Investing in Vitality must now be conducted by wait list only. If you have not registered and would like to, please email Devon Berkshire to be placed on a wait list for registration. There is still a likelihood that we can confirm your attendance, but we are reaching our capacity and cannot guarantee participation at this time. We will confirm whether you will be able to participate by our original registration deadline: Friday, November 1.

Speaking of our convenings, yesterday we launched our RFP search for hosting the 2015 TCG National Conference, and you can learn more about that process and apply here. Meanwhile, our 2014 TCG National Conference blog salon celebrating our host city San Diego’s theatre scene continued, and if you’d like to participate in this or any other TCG Circle salon, email Gus Schulenburg.