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Monday, November 25, 2013

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Forty-two years ago, when the Playwrights’ Center was founded, the Internet was still ten years from takeoff and the first handheld mobile phone had yet to debut. Today, our 1300+ member playwrights rely on these technologies to learn the craft of playwriting, find opportunities to submit their plays, and connect with other writers or potential [...]


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(This post is a part of the Diversity & Inclusion blog salon led by Online Curator Jacqueline E. Lawton. Check out further Diversity & Inclusion interviews on Jacqueline’s blog. If you are interested in participating in this or any other Circle blog salon, email Gus Schulenburg.) TCG Blog Salon Diversity and Inclusion Program Arc Mixed Race/Culture Theatre JACQUELINE LAWTON: In your [...]



by Megan Campisi November 25, 2013 Global Connections
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(Pictured: Megan Hill, Liu Zixiao, and William Wu. Read Megan’s first post here.) One of the exciting challenges with producing a historical play in China is that there is an extensive body of widely-viewed teleplays and films set in the past that have generated certain expectations among Chinese audiences. Unsurprisingly—given that our production is an international [...]

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