Speak Up to Preserve the Charitable Deduction on November 20th

by Laurie Baskin

in Advocacy

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On Wednesday, November 20th, Ginny Louloudes, Executive Director of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York and I will join over 200 nonprofit leaders representing the arts, social services, health care, higher education and religious organizations on Capitol Hill to petition their representatives to preserve the Charitable Deduction. These nonprofit leaders will participate in 130 Hill visits that day and we hope to have great impact on the Hill and in the press.

The Charitable Deduction encourages giving to the nonprofit performing arts. On average, 40% of the annual revenue to the nonprofit theatre field comes from private contributions. We all know how important this tax incentive is to charitable giving and the programs these gifts make possible. As comprehensive tax reform remains on the horizon, lawmakers continue to consider various options that would reduce the tax incentive for charitable giving, which could result in fewer or smaller contributions to theatres.

Please write to your Members of Congress on Wednesday to support this Tax Hill Day from home! Let your Members of Congress know:

  1. How many employees does your organization have?
  2. How many beneficiaries does your organization serve each year?
  3. What percentage of your organization’s budget comes from private donors and foundations (i.e., non-governmental)?
  4. If changes to the charitable deduction resulted in less giving to your organization, what services would be at risk?

Here’s a link to an Action Alert campaign–please join us in this effort to preserve the Charitable Deduction!

Laurie Baskin is TCG’s Director of Research, Policy & Collective Action.