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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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(Editor’s note: The following posts are adapted from the Hartford Stage blog series by Bruce Turk about his experiences as a Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellow.) There’s nothing funnier than unhappiness. -Samuel Beckett- Once the flush has passed, along with tears of gratitude, I remind myself that I must do something worthwhile with the trust and  funding which [...]


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(Photo of Alejandro Morales’ play, Marea. Alejandro Morales’ play On Rachmaninoff’s Birthday is part of the 30/30 US Latin@/NoPassport reading scheme. The same interview questions have been sent to each playwright taking part in the scheme by Caridad Svich. This post was originally shared on the NoPassport blog. After you read the interview, sign up to participate in the 30/30 US [...]

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Speak up. Listen Well.

by Julie Felise Dubiner December 17, 2013 Diversity & Inclusion
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(This post is a part of the Diversity & Inclusion blog salon led by Online Curator Jacqueline E. Lawton. Check out further Diversity & Inclusion interviews on Jacqueline’s blog. If you are interested in participating in this or any other Circle blog salon, email Gus Schulenburg.) Diversity & Inclusion blog salon: The Role of Allies Context: According to Reverend Dr. Andrea Ayvazian [...]

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(A)pollonia: A Festival of Readings of New Polish Plays

by Robert Avila December 17, 2013 American Theatre magazine
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(Cast and director of Foreign Bodies.) A slate of 9 compelling works reveals a nation at odds with its own history On or about May 2009, Polish theatre changed. That’s probably a little grand and a little too specific. But sometime in the early 21st century, something new definitely arrived on Polish stages. A little [...]

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How To (Not) Get Socked in the Jaw: Experimenting with Theater, 1915/2013

by Sherrine Azab December 17, 2013 TCG Books
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(Learn more about the An Ideal Theater salon, and how you can participate, here.) There’s a thing I really like to do.  Sometimes I do it on paper; sometimes just in my head.  Mostly I do it in private, so I can be as grandiose or as radical as I want and need to be.  I [...]

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Is No Choice Better Than Bold Choice?

by Daniel Robert Sullivan December 17, 2013 Fox Fellowships
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As a Fox Foundation fellow, I’ve been working with a group of teenagers in New York City to devise a new play that deals with both the minutia and the epic themes of their daily school lives. Twice a week for the last two months we’ve met in a Roundabout Theatre Company studio to talk, [...]

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