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Monday, February 3, 2014

Post image for Audience Revolution in Ashland, Oregon

(Allen Elizabethan Theatre photo by T. Charles Erickson. This post is a part of the Audience (R)Evolution grant program and blog salon.) Leading with diversity and inclusion as a selling point for theatre? We often get funny looks from new group leaders with that opener.  At a theatre with Shakespeare in the name? Truth is [...]


Post image for Remain Open

(Tatiana’s play Profit is part of the 30/30 US Latin@/NoPassport reading scheme. This post was originally shared on the NoPassport blog. After you read the interview, sign up to participate in the 30/30 US Latin@/NoPassport reading scheme!) CARIDAD SVICH: a false (i think) divide has been erected in some art-making circles between what is called “devised” work and “text-based or [...]