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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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(Photo of Nic Billon and Lisa Peterson. This post is part of the Canadian theatre salon curated by Chantal Bilodeau for the World Theatre Day 2014/Crossing Borders salon series.) CHANTAL BILODEAU: The hotINK Festival has had a long and varied life. Can you describe its various incarnations and explain where it is going next? CATHERINE [...]


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In September, TCG published An Ideal Theater: Founding Visions for a New American Art, a wide-ranging documentary history of the American theatre movement as told by the visionaries who goaded it into being. This anthology collects over forty essays, manifestos, letters and speeches that are each introduced and placed in historical context by noted writer and [...]


Ethical Ideas and Interactive Practice

by Jessica Cheetham & Simon Magnus March 12, 2014 Audience & Community Engagement
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(This post will be the first in a series from the collaborators of Root Experience about interactive theatre in the U.K. If you’d like to participate, please email Gus Schulenburg.) I remember the first piece of interactive theatre that I made: As you stepped onto the stage of the theatre, an actor grabbed you; forced [...]

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