Rolling Out More Conference Sessions

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This is your last chance to take advantage of the early bird discount for the 2014 TCG National Conference: Crossing Borders in San Diego. Register by this Friday, 4/25—there will be no more extensions!

We’re also continuing to roll out breakout sessions in each of our programmatic arcs:

{Survive | Thrive} Identifying New, Diverse Talent for Your Board. The success of any organization is based on how well it plans for the future. How can arts and cultural institutions find smart, hardworking professionals to carry on its mission? How can we thoughtfully develop boards so that trustees are diverse in a number of different ways age—race/ethnicity, profession, sexual orientation, economic background—thereby creating energy to fuel the theatre’s mission? In this session, we will explore new recruitment strategies, distinctive engagement practices, and the ever-powerful role of community connectors.

{Theatre | Technology} Leverage the Power of Digital to Effectively Reach & Activate Your Audiences. With today’s rapidly shifting technologies and fragmented media environment, it’s difficult to cut through the noise and effectively engage and activate the diverse audiences you’re after, especially with limited resources. This session will cover comprehensive information around media consumption and digital technology use, sharing examples of integrated campaign tactics using data-driven strategies to target existing, lapsed and prospective new audiences where and how they interact online. Theatre marketers from all scope and sized organizations can examine the cost-effectiveness and synergies of integrating display, social, search, video and mobile to leverage total media mix.

{Art | People} Applied Theatre: What Does It Mean for the Next Generation of Artists? Theatre artists and companies are sallying forth into all areas of Applied Theatre, working with vastly different audiences and communities. Actors are not only performing as patients to help doctors learn diagnostic techniques, but are now developing communication skills among young medical professionals. Theatre companies are training at-risk high school students not to work in theatre, but in life skills. Let’s examine the changing specifics, the developing financials and the new possibilities that this career path opens up for trained performers. How does this affect training programs, and what are the certification requirements coming down the pike? How might this change the career landscape of the next generation of theatre artists?

Register by 4/25 to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.

Photo by Michal Daniel of the 2012 TCG National Conference: Model the Movement in Boston.