NITEnews Publishes Theatre Content from Around the World

by Doug Howe

in National Conference

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(This post is part of the 2014 TCG National Conference: Crossing Borders {Survive| Thrive} blog salon curated by Caridad Svich.)

The relationship between theatres and communities in the 21st century is both digital and global. What was once uniquely a live and local event has transformed into something many could never have imagined. We are long past, if and when, and well into why and how. Today, there are a plenty of artists and organizations around the world exploring and experimenting with new technologies. Out of desire and necessity, they communicate and collaborate on a worldwide scale. What’s needed now are the best tools and resources to enhance and enrich these developing theatrical communities.

Imagine a website where the best of the world’s theatre news is collected, reviewed, shortlisted and translated for its readers; where every country with an active theatre community is represented; where content is curated by seasoned professionals for the most discerning of viewers. Imagine also that this website is graphically appealing, extremely responsive and easy to use. This website is a reality, and it’s called NITEnews.

NITEnews provides artists opportunities to access and impact culture in remarkable new ways. Browsing through the different sections, readers can see the extensive work put into every article. NITEnews provides important information and context in each article, enabling every visitor to have an extensive and in-depth experience. Exclusive, original articles and interviews are conducted on a worldwide scale, with collaborators providing diverse and expert opinions and insights. The ‘Spotlight’ section is the primary example of this. Other content is not simply aggregated, but is carefully verified and sculpted, with images and content that expands on the source material.

The database allows viewers multiple entry points as the articles are categorized by location as well as discipline, so every visitor can feel comfortable directly accessing the information that he or she finds interesting. The principal language of NITEnews is English, but the site offers an on-the-fly service from ‘Google-Translate’ that enables viewers from every corner of the globe access to the content. By no means flawless, the tool still opens doors previously closed. Although the output is primarily in English, the input is quite different. NITEnews collects content from a plethora of linguistic sources, and then conducts original translations of the text.

NITEnews values its audiences’ time, and thus offers a weekly newsletter subscription service that sends the latest news to its viewers’ inboxes to be digested whenever is most convenient. Also, if you are a writer, a translator or have an interest in contributing your voice, NITEnews is very open to original content proposed by working theatre artists anywhere. Just click the ‘Publish’ link on the website and send a message to the staff.

NITEnews is a service provided by New International Theatre Experience  (NITE) is a global organization, based in NYC and Madrid, that supports and empowers theatre makers by revolutionizing the way artists and administrators create, connect and cooperate. Founded in 2012 by Beatriz Cabur and Douglas Howe, NITE provides access to artistic, social and intellectual experiences by creating both physical and virtual platforms for investigation, innovation and interaction. We are at a turning point in which theatre is changing in profound ways, and NITE is here to contribute to its evolution.

Douglas Howe is the co-founder and executive director of New International Theatre Experience (NITE). He has directed over 30 productions in 5 countries. He served as Artistic Director of Thalatta! from 2001-07, and Artistic Director of The Internationalists from 2007-13. In 2009, Douglas was awarded a 3-year Competence et Talents residency where he created cross-cultural theatrical exchanges in Paris. In 2011, he worked in Sydney as the International Liaison Officer at Playwriting Australia. He is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, The Fence Playwriting Network, LMDA, SAG/AFTRA and AEA. He also serves as the HowlRound Commons Producer in New York.