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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Post image for Spirits of Another Sort Workshop Journal #2.5 – “How Now…”

In our last post we discussed the auditions for the Rude Mechanicals and gave some insight into that rehearsal process with teaching artists, Sara Buffamanti and Becky Leifman. If you missed it, feel free to check it out here- Spirits Of Another Sort Workshop Journal #2- Same/Different In this follow up post, Becky Leifman recently sat [...]


Post image for #Ferguson: A St. Louis School’s Response

(Production photos by J David Levy from last 2013’s Streets production titled Old Hearts Fresh, based on The Winter’s Tale, and 2012’s Streets production The New World, based on The Tempest) (Ed. Note: The following blog salon series will focus on how theatre artists are responding to Michael Brown’s death and the oppression, violence, and resistance happening in Ferguson, [...]


“Each Meeting is a ‘New Birth’”

by Park Krausen September 4, 2014 Global Connections
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(Beleck Georges and Park Krausen) (This post is part of the Global Connections grant program and blog salon) “Chaque rencontre est une nouvelle naissance”. Translated, but somehow with a lot less poetry – “Each meeting is a ‘new birth’”. This is how Beleck Georges talks. It’s what he writes. This is his motto and “façon d’être”. In a way, [...]

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