TCG to Distribute Chance Magazine

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Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is pleased to announce that it is now the distributor of Chance Magazine, a photography magazine that looks at the world through the lens of theatre and design. The team at Chance produces an original photo shoot of nearly every production they cover, and believe that a more thorough glimpse into the world of design can change the way people think and write about the theatre and the artists who create for it.

“TCG has a longstanding commitment to supporting designers and celebrating their work,” said Teresa Eyring, executive director of TCG. “Distributing Chance is an opportunity to further highlight the extraordinary artistry in our field today through a magazine dedicated solely to design.”

A place to engage with the aesthetics of design in detail, Chance integrates all of the arts, material and nonmaterial, into a single space that expands on the desire for a more provocative and stimulating engagement with design.

About Issue 3: Couture | Stage

chance 3Issue 3 is now on sale through TCG. Chance’s editorial team of 30 artists have worked for more than a year to bring you Chance 3, Couture | Stage (C3), representing the work of the artists in a more pointed and distinguished manner.

C3 includes photo shoots from Europe with the work of Eiko Ishioka and Rudolf Nureyev. The Chance artists developed beautiful portfolios on the work of Simon Doonan, Ming Cho Lee and Mark Wendland. More comprehensively, this issue contains a look at the career of Kenneth Collins of Temporary Distortion, while Charles Renfro provides fresh insights into DSR’s redesign of Lincoln Center. Then, from the downtown scene, C3 has performance shoots of Company XIV and The Mad Ones.

Started in 2012 by a group of designers, writers and artists, Chance is more than a magazine. As a thoroughly stylized and high quality publication, Chance is an immersive, image-rich, serialized art-book on contemporary events in performance and design that comprehensively redefines the relationship between theatre and print.


Issue 3 of Chance is now available for purchase at the TCG Bookstore on, as well as at other fine bookstores. Issue 4 is due to arrive in January 2015.