Protect Wireless Microphones in Theatre!

by Laurie Baskin

in Advocacy

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Energy & Commerce Committee, United States House of Representatives

Individual Members – We Need Your Activism Now!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may soon rule on several proceedings that will impact the use of wireless microphones. In the short-term, wireless microphones could suffer interference. In the longer-term, theatres may be faced with the need to replace sound systems and purchase new equipment, which will be expensive.

For 35 years, wireless microphone technology has allowed users unrestricted on-stage movement and helped to create sophisticated sound. Nonprofit performing arts organizations, commercial theaters, schools, and performers have all relied on this equipment operating within the “white space” radio frequencies between broadcast channels of the television band. Wireless systems are also integral to backstage communications used by stagehands to execute complex technical activity. Interference to these backstage communications could compromise the safety of performers, technicians and audiences.

Representatives Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Leonard Lance (R-NJ) are circulating a sign-on letter to Members of the House of Representatives which will be sent to the FCC later this month. The letter urges the FCC to protect wireless microphones. We need your help! Please ask your Member of Congress to sign this letter – the deadline is close of business on May 21st! To find your Member of Congress, along with contact information, please visit and enter your zip code in the top right corner.

We can make a difference in Washington on issues that affect the theatre field – but we have to participate in the process!