Audience Engagement & Community Development Salons

Audience Engagement & Community Development Salons

The following TCG Circle salon series are all connected to themes of Audience Engagement & Community Development, led by TCG’s Audience (R)Evolution program. If you would like to participate in any of these series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

2014 TCG National Conference: Crossing Borders {Art | People} and {Survive | Thrive} Salon

This salon focuses on the {Art | People} and {Survive | Thrive} programmatic arc of the 2014 TCG National Conference: Crossing Borders, and is curated by Caridad Svich. If you’d like to participate, please contact Gus Schulenburg to learn more. 

Reimagining Latina/o and Caribbean Diasporas: World-Making and Hybrid Aesthetics
by Eric Mayer-García

Writing for Ranters – A Theatre of the Everyday. by Raimondo Cortese

Documenting Without Borders by Paul Diem and Alix Fenhagen

A Show That Cannot Exist Without An Audience by Emily Tarquin

Rethinking the Rules by Madeline Sayet

 I’m Breaking Up by Emily Conbere

Exit the Stage, theses for a carcass by Julián J. Mesri

No Stamp for Readmittance by Max Vasapoli

How can I challenge my audience without turning them off? by Michael Walker

Crafting A Participatory Performance Space by Deborah Yarchun

Theatre and the global dialogue surrounding autism by Andy Paris

Borderlands and Crossroads: Transnational Connections in the Performance of Afrolantina/o Spiritualities by Solimar Otero

Border Crossings by Emily Mendelsohn

Framing the Intersecting Edges of Performance Practice: The Role of ‘Live’ by Kim Woodard

UNeditions: the future of mobile theatre by Jon Spooner

Travelling & Working Abroad by Tanya Kane-Perry

Fighting on the border of authenticity and fiction by Tommy Lexen

Rewriting Women by Karina Assad

From Tribe to Chorus: David Greig’s The Events by Dr. Paola Botham

Building Bridges by Dave White

Only The Best About Romania by Ana Margineanu

We Are Not Alone by Adrianne Krstansky

Building Bridges by David White

Goodbye, Poppy by Jill Bishop

Beauty and the Beast by Rose Cano

Border Crossing into real, genuine theatre (Without the Shakespeare) by Marilo Nuñez

INTERNALLY DISPLACED: Breaking Boundaries of Silence by Elizabeth Hess

Theater and the Net: A Roundup of Projects and Possibilities by Brian Bell

The Quivering of the Rose by Dijana Milosevic

The Playwright and Public Art by Jonathan Meth

A Hero of His Times, With a Passport by John F. Hanlon

Multiple border crossings and confluences via solo performance by Esther K Chae

Civic Dramaturgy: bridging the gap between art and people by Isaac Gomez

Skydiving on stage: transcending the fear by Kristin Idaszak

Equity in Theatre: Launching a New Canadian Initiative by Rebecca Burton & Laine Zisman Newman

Why Theater? Why Not? by Debra Caplan

Marion the Mad; or, Bringing the Unsayable into our Theaters by Kimberly Jannarone

A reflection on Simon Stephens’s journeys from and to British theatre by Seda Ilter

Berlin by Natalie Shrauwen

International(ist) Collaboration and Beyond by Garret Jon Groenveld

I’ll be Your One-Way Mirror: Crossing the Fourth Wall by Clay MacLeod Chapman

Multiple border crossings and confluences via solo performance by Esther K. Chae

Getting to the Root of It by Tyler Reilly

STELLAAAAA! by Velina Hasu Houston

Merging styles for true collaboration by Helen Goalen

The Pasadena Playhouse’s Bold Vision: Community Organizers in the Artistic Department by Nijeul Xaviere Porter

Searching for Democracy: An Act of Civil Obedience by Beth Grossman

Is Our Inherent “Weakness” Actually Our Greatest Strength? by Sage Lewis

Relaxed Performances, “Crip Time,” and Access for All by J.J. El-Afar

A book group, for theatre by Maddy Costa

The Fifth Wall by Tammy Ryan

Space for Theatre by Jake Witlen

Make It Worth It by Sara Farrington

Community/Resistance: Reflections on discourse and community by Diana Damian Martin

Playing in Cities by Andy Field

You Are Here by Georgina H. Escobar

Checkpoints, Teaching Theatre in Conflict Zones by Jessica Litwak

Something that matters (happening now) by Itamar Moses

Audience (R)Evolution

This salon is dedicated towards sharing the process, ideas, discoveries and progress of the grantees of the Audience (R)Evolution grant program

What Do You Really Want? by Seema Sueko & Victor Vazquez

Spotlight on a Community Connector by Michael John Garcés

Voices from the Homefront by Tom Quaintance

The Gamification of Portland Center Stage by Alice Hodge

Finding Our Compass by Hallie Gordon

Introducing Consensus Organizing for Theater by Seema Sueko

Cornerstone’s Creative Seeds by Cesar Ivan Ortega

Part of the Neighborhood: Pillsbury House & Theatre by Michael Hoyt

Ripple Effects by Jocelyn Prince

The Very Tangible Present by Tanya Mote

Audience Revolution in Ashland, Oregon by Freda Casillas

A Welcoming and Warm Change by Nancy Schaeffer

  • Michael Eichler

    It is really great to see Seema Sueko applying Consensus Organizing to theatre. When she uses this method, there is an entirely different fee
    eling in a production. It is not a feeling of obsevation. It is not even a feeling of participation . It is a feeling of ownership!