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Last Tuesday night, I ventured into Brooklyn to see The Box: A Black Comedy by Marcus Gardley, produced by The Foundry Theatre at the Irondale Center. There, I had the rare experience, in my world of New York theater, of distinctly feeling my place as a minority in relation to the cultural world of the [...]


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(All photos of Nadio Parvez Manzoor.) To give credit where credit is due, I need to preface this piece by saying that earlier in the afternoon of March 28th, I read two excellent articles on Howlround on artist’s voice and privilege, and the notion of “speaking for” a community or culture, both of which framed my [...]


Blasted Thurber

by AmeliaParenteau October 9, 2013 Artistry & Artistic Innovation
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As a very fresh freshman at Sarah Lawrence College, the first play that I saw with my “Far-Off, Off-Off, Off- and On-Broadway” class was Lucy Thurber’s Killers and Other Family at the Rattlestick Theatre. Talk about plunging into the thick of it. Or rather, jumping in with both feet, out of the frying pan and [...]

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Sontag Reborn

by AmeliaParenteau August 16, 2013 Artistry & Artistic Innovation
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(Photo by Joan Marcus of “Sontag:Reborn” at New York Theatre Workshop, featuring Moe Angelos). In my first weeks of New York City living, trying on the title of “young playwright” as opposed to “Sarah Lawrence student,” I have been making good use of my most valuable graduation present: a newly minted, finely tuned pair of [...]

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All Clap

by AmeliaParenteau November 28, 2012 TCG Books
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(Editor’s note: All of the quotes are taken from Undesirable Elements by Ping Chong, now available from TCG Books.) Something clicked for me with theatre, in my senior year of high school. I finally took a dramatic literature class, where we brazenly tackled most of Shakespeare’s heavy hitters, then took a swipe at American classics [...]

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Pretty in Pizza

by AmeliaParenteau October 19, 2012 Activism
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The personal is political. A well-known rallying cry from the Second Wave American feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, those words were ringing in my ears in a higher pitch after a striking theatre experience this past weekend. How have we changed, from now to then, when those words were first pronounced? Do contemporary [...]

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We Are Theatre: Guerilla Girls on Tour at the Cherry Lane

by AmeliaParenteau October 3, 2012 Activism
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It had been a long time since I had walked into a roomful of strangers and felt such an immediate sense of camaraderie and kinship. That was exactly my reaction upon entering the West Village’s Cherry Lane Theatre, at 7:00 pm last Monday night for We Are Theatre: Guerilla Girls on Tour hosting “a theatrical [...]

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