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Debra Kim Sivigny

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(This post is part of the blog salon curated by Jacqueline E. Lawton for the 2015 TCG National Conference: Game Change. The following questions will inform the final plenary session, “Artistic Leadership: How We Change the Game.”) JACQUELINE LAWTON: What was the most game-changing production you’ve seen or created, and why? DEB SIVIGNY: It sounds a little cliché because [...]


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(This post is a part of the Diversity & Inclusion blog salon led by Online Curator Jacqueline E. Lawton for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas. Check out further Diversity & Inclusion interviews on Jacqueline’s blog.) TCG Online Conference Salon: Diversity and Inclusion Program Arc–Asian American Theatre series JACQUELINE LAWTON: First, tell me about the work you do [...]

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