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[Photo: Billy Budd at Trinity Repertory Company.] “Tell me a story.” That was what we asked a handful of artistic director across the country. Why? Because the theatres they are in charge of are turning 50, a momentous number that shows the resiliency and longevity of the American theatrical landscape. The institutions celebrating 50 years are [...]


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Last Saturday, I was at church. No, I did not just suddenly find God (unless that God is at the bottom of a banana pudding cup). I was at the theatre, the performing arts lover’s version of church, which was located in the basement of a church. And I was watching a very secular musical [...]


The Perpetual Foreigner of American Theatre

by Diep Tran February 24, 2012 Activism
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(Christine Toy Johnson, Pun Bandhu and Angel Desai at the roundtable. Photo: Bruce Alan Johnson) Where are all the Asians? That seemed to be the question at hand last Monday, Feb. 13, during the Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) roundtable, with a pun-filled title: “RepresenAsian: The Changing Face of Theatre,” at Fordham University. The [...]

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Reasons to be Critical

by Diep Tran November 9, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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For a full ill-advised minute (actually, more like ten months), I had considered being a theatre critic. And then, I realize two things: I really disliked reading my own opinions and criticism was a hard and mostly thankless job. When you give a theatre artist a good review, they admire you and your writing and [...]

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Keeping it (Dramatically) in the Family

by Diep Tran October 19, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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Is there nothing in life more rewarding and simultaneously frustrating than your family? If you’ve ever had your mother call at inconvenient moments and when she asks, “How is everything going?” (in which you grit your teeth and cheerfully (usually falsely) reply, “Fine!”) then you know what I’m talking about. This week, I saw a [...]

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The Theater of 9/11

by Diep Tran September 12, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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Why art? Or, more specifically, why theater? Especially in the face of great tragedy, what can art do to help heal the wounded or to bring everything back to normal? On the cusp of the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I was looking through a selection of plays that were being mounted to commemorate the [...]

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