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“It’s Complicated—like on Facebook,” uttered Michael Feingold, chairman of the Obies. He was attempting to describe how the Obies work to the uninitiated in his opening remarks—awards that confuse many and remain coveted by all. His comment garnered a hearty laugh, that is, for those who were listening. You see, the Obies—and the ceremony that’s [...]


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The National Theater of the United States—or NTUSA—might sound like some kind of governmental organization, but in fact it is a New York City-based troupe made up of seven members, and countless other artist-collaborators, whose aim, according to its website, is to “exist for your entertainment, enlightenment and greater glory” with shows that “dazzle, repel [...]


Publish? Perish? Does Anyone Care?

by Eliza Bent December 6, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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(Photo: Benjamin Privitt. Pictured: Mark Jackson and Peter Ruocco in the 2009 Shotgun Players production of Jackson’s Faust Pt1, published by EXIT Press). In the age of the internet, does anyone care about printed plays anymore? A recent panel discussion and performance at the Martin E. Segal Center was titled “Publishing Performance in the 21st Century: [...]

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Call and Response: Young Jean Lee

by Eliza Bent October 18, 2011 I AM THEATRE
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“If you’re studying Shakespeare and you say you want to be a playwright and you have no experience playwriting it’s basically like, you know, being a veterinarian and saying you want to be a dog.” —Young Jean Lee, I AM THEATRE    I never wanted to be a dog. And I certainly never wanted to [...]

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Copyright or Wrong?

by Eliza Bent June 30, 2011 American Theatre magazine

Navigating licensing agreements and copyright laws can be a thorny and expensive endeavor. What is the line between adaptation and overstepping artistic and legal boundaries? The following open letter from Boxcar Theatre’s artistic director is an unusually frank perspective on his company’s struggle with such issues. What do you think about his comments? An Open [...]

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Searching For Life

by Eliza Bent January 18, 2011 Social Media

Who doesn’t love the weird inflections of these cute robots? We sure liked them. As one of the tabulators of the “Top Ten” plays produced at TCG member theatres (as reported to us at time of publication) each year, I am always amazed—and a bit overwhelmed—by how many dead playwrights are done around the country. [...]

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Coming Full Cycle (All Over Again)

by Eliza Bent July 8, 2010 Events
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It is a rare and nice occasion when we learn that something we’ve published in American Theatre magazine is having positive effects on what theatres are doing. It’s also not often that we have a chance to do a followup to an article, but the Arden Theatre Company of Philadelphia’s recent Bike to the Theatre [...]

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Haiku You: Great Plains Theatre Conference

by Eliza Bent June 10, 2010 American Theatre magazine
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I recently returned from the Great Plains Theatre Conference in lovely Omaha, Nebraska and for me it was a half-week filled with readings, workshops, full productions and meeting new people. Part of what was so nice about the experience was the lack of posturing or posing among participants. Perhaps that had to do with the [...]

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The Medium Is the Message

by Eliza Bent April 28, 2010 American Theatre magazine
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Last night I dreamt of my Colorado hosts and today I am wearing the sweatshirt (photographed left) they gifted me upon visiting them a few weeks ago. I was in Colorado Springs over Good Friday to see The Thorn, a passion play of an acrobatic order. The Thorn has been performed since the mid ‘90s [...]

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In Humana

by Eliza Bent March 24, 2010 American Theatre magazine
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Just returned from the 34th annual Humana Festival at the Actors Theatre of Louisville and am reminded of how important it is to meet colleagues from different areas of our vast nation. It’s invigorating! As one of the oldest new play festivals in the United States, Humana attracts a VIP crowd plus loads of local [...]

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