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(Laila Robins, J. Smith-Cameron, and Maryann Plunkett. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.) The holidays herald one thing for theatre journalism (aside from the expected swipes at A Christmas Carol, that is): Annual “Best Of” lists. 2011’s winners are largely unsurprising (those Mormons!), but one small, unassuming entry has unexpectedly burrowed its way onto several high-profile, critical [...]


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(The 2011/12 Season Opening Celebration dinner catered by Ridgewells at Arena Stage. Photo by Cameron Whitman.) Washington D.C.’s Arena Stage and the Pentagon are practically neighbors, but for all the interactions the institutions have shared they may as well be a world apart. All that changes on Friday, November 25 when Arena hosts 260 servicemen [...]


Somewhere That’s Green

by Harrison Hill November 16, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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Last year, American Theatre told you about one theatre’s creative stab at sustainability in a story that prompted two responses on The Circle (here and here). Well, when it rains, it pours: We’ve just caught wind of another regional company’s efforts to stay green in a unique confluence of art and economics. Per its mission [...]

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The Canadian Club

by Harrison Hill October 21, 2011 American Theatre magazine
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(Photo by Kevin Berne. A legendary Russian ballet dancer (Pascal Molat) visits Tosca Cafe.) “Why aren’t more American plays seen abroad?” asked Eliza Bent in the May/June 2011 issue of American Theatre. We Yanks have got the goods, Bent argued, but the challenges of taking homegrown productions outside U.S. borders have proven too hard for many [...]

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