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 (This post is part of the blog salon curated by Jacqueline E. Lawton for the 2015 TCG National Conference: Game Change. The following questions will inform the final plenary session, “Artistic Leadership: How We Change the Game.”) JACQUELINE LAWTON: What was the most game-changing production you’ve seen or created, and why? HOLLY L. DERR: The most game-changing production I [...]

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(Torie Wiggins as Mimi, Meggy Hai Trang as Anita, Keisha Kemper as Harry, Burgess Byrd as Shilo, Ken Early as Maddox, Darnell Benjamin as Knox, Jon Kovach as Overseer Jones, and Sola Thompson as Vivian. Photo by Daniel R. Winters) (Ed. Note: The following blog salon series will focus on how theatre artists are responding [...]


After the Panel: The Inseparable Intersections

by Holly L. Derr January 8, 2014 Diversity & Inclusion
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(The following interview series builds on Seema Sueko’s report on the Diversity: Through the Director’s Eye panel, “Jump into the Gaps.” Diversity & Inclusion online curator Jacqueline E. Lawton shared a series of questions with attendees of the panel to expand and continue the conversation. For further context, read Holly L. Derr’s essay on this subject [...]

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