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(This post is part of the blog salon curated by Jacqueline E. Lawton for the 2015 TCG National Conference: Game Change. The following questions will inform the final plenary session, “Artistic Leadership: How We Change the Game.”) JACQUELINE LAWTON: What was the most game-changing production you’ve seen or created, and why? OLIVER MAYER: ZOOT SUIT by Luis Valdez at [...]


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(Photo by Michal Daniel of Oliver Mayer’s play, Fortune is a Woman. Oliver Mayer’s play Dark Matters is part of the 30/30 US Latin@/NoPassport reading scheme. The same interview questions have been sent to each playwright taking part in the scheme by Caridad Svich. This post was originally shared on the NoPassport blog. After you read the interview, sign up to [...]


Write It Yourself!

by Oliver Mayer May 14, 2013 Artistry & Artistic Innovation
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(This post is a part of the Artistic Innovation blog salon curated by Caridad Svich for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas). “No mames, guey!” “No jodas, tu!” “No seas tan boludo!” Take your pick. All three phrases say roughly the same thing, yet all three carry an unmistakable particularity that only begins with their [...]

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