Arts Education Resources Available on the NEA Website

August 30, 2011

in Arts Education

The following is a sample of the arts education resources available at the NEA’s website:

RESEARCH: Arts Education in America : What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation
This report investigates the relationship between arts education and arts participation and examines long-term declines in Americans’ reported rates of arts learning.

PODCAST: Creating a Sense of Belonging
Providence, Rhode Island’s, Community MusicWorks provides instrument instruction, leadership development, and other community-based programs to the distressed neighborhood in which it is located.

PODCAST: A Sense of Hope
An interview with Bert Crenca of Providence’s AS220 explores its ties to the community and its arts education program, AS220 Youth.

NEA ARTS MAGAZINE: Designs on the Future, The Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, Florida DASH is ranked among the premier magnet schools in the country, and produces students who go on to success in both college and careers in design and the arts.

PUBLICATION: Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools: This report represents an in-depth review of the current condition of arts education.


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